Perpetrator interventions


11 Sep 2019

This research focuses on perpetrators of image-based abuse and front-line workers who engage with perpetrators on a professional basis. The research is based on detailed interviews and provides unique insights into the attitudes, circumstances and motivations of image-based abuse perpetration and the visibility of this...


25 Jul 2019

This resource is an updated second edition of the ANROWS special collection on Perpetrators of domestic, family and sexual violence . This publication offers a guiding resource on Australian peer-reviewed publications and grey literature.


3 Dec 2018

This project provides key directions for capacity building for workers and their organisations to work more competently in working with family violence. The focus of the project lay in understanding the work to be undertaken with fathers who use violence.


Practice inquiry 2018
28 Nov 2018

This research was commissioned by the Bayside Peninsula Integrated Family Violence Partnership and the Southern Melbourne Integrated Family Violence Partnership. Using a ground-up approach that privileges the voices of frontline practitioners, it aims to improve understanding of practice within Men’s Behaviour Change Programs (MBCPs) operating...


6 Apr 2018

This publication contains a curated collection of research and other resources, covering a range of topics relating to understanding more about the perpetrators of family violence in Australia.


5 Dec 2017

This plan outlines the Victorian government’s long-term plan to equip and support workers to prevent and respond to family violence.


20 Dec 2016

On 20 December 2016, Australia’s National Research Organisation for Women’s Safety (ANROWS) announced a program of research to improve the evidence base for stopping men’s violence against women and holding perpetrators to account. ANROWS is an initiative of the Council of Australian Governments under the...


9 Dec 2015

Maps the pathways and interventions for perpetrators of domestic/family violence and sexual assault through civil and criminal legal systems.

Summary An Australian first, this state of knowledge paper maps the pathways and interventions for perpetrators of domestic/family violence and sexual assault through civil...



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