Briefing paper

1 Apr 2018

The early years are a critical time for children’s development. Parents’ engagement in their children’s early development and learning has an impact on children’s later educational and life experiences and parents differ in their levels of engagement.


26 Sep 2017

This resource is intended to provide information on a set of principles that capture the essential core components of a high-quality playgroup.

Briefing paper

23 Mar 2016

Supported playgroups have been developed as a way to provide low intensity support to families. They are facilitated playgroups that may also provide health and wellbeing services to parents and carers of infants and young children. Supported playgroups are typically run by a trained facilitator...


15 May 2010

Following a review in 2008, the objectives were revised to expand the project, strengthen community commitment and capacity to manage the Mobile Playgroup Project (MPP), build the capability of community volunteers and put more focus on the management of the project.



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