Political economy


5 Jul 2018

This research is the final report of the AHURI inquiry into ‘Pathways to Housing Tax Reform in Australia.’ It features real-world modelling and implementation time frames to steer tax settings that progress the efficiency, equity and sustainability of housing tax policy, and also presents meaningful,...

Working paper

17 Jan 2018

Using new cross-country survey and experimental data, we investigate if it is possible to increase people’s support for the national government to address inequality through redistribution by providing them with information about inequality and social mobility in their country.


1 Dec 2017

The President, Jacob Zuma, replaced his respected Minister of Finance, Pravin Gordhan, on the 30th March 2017. It was the second attempt in two years (this time successful) to put an official in this key position who is "acquiescent" to the president's projects. The immediate...


1 Jan 2002

Susan Feiner's paper demonstrates the connection between the inner logic and the concerns of the Hebrew bible, and the central market metaphor of contemporary mainstream economics. They have overlapping concerns, they both establish taboos that are essential to 'right living', and both the bible and...


The purpose of this paper is to argue two main points. One is that the questions and conflicts that are part of the Two Speed debate are not simply the consequence of the resources boom and the strength of the Australian. The second point is...



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