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20 Feb 2019

This report provides background to and understanding of Prime Minister Scott Morrison's recent Townsville speech “Australia and the Pacific: a new chapter” , as well as an initial assessment of this announcement's implications.

Briefing paper

11 Jul 2018

This Bill would amend the Act to insert the words ‘fair’ and ‘balanced’ into paragraph 8(1)(c). The amended Act would require the Board ‘to ensure that the gathering and presentation by the Corporation of news and information is fair, balanced, accurate and impartial according to...

Audio interview

23 May 2018

Author and Professor, Clive Hamilton, says Liberal backbencher, Andrew Hastie, was trying to open up what he says is a much needed public discussion of Chinese Influence in Australia.

Briefing paper

25 Apr 2018

This resource argues that the Turnbull Government’s proposal to ban foreign donations and limit political contributions from charities is a flawed and rash proposal that would undermine democracy.

Journal article

12 Apr 2018

The research discussed in this paper arose from the writer’s interest in United Kingdom (UK) rural policy, government and governance. Its aims were to: 1) find out the extent to which the participants in the research, many of whom are involved in UK local government,...


4 Apr 2018

The author of the controversial Silent Invasion argues it's not the book, but the reaction to it, that has highlighted something troubling in Australian intellectual life.


5 Feb 2018

Liberal democracies in proximity to China in the Asia-Pacific region serve as good examples of what may await Europe if China further intensifies its efforts, with Australia being a particularly helpful bellwether.

Audio interview

30 Nov 2017

Louisa Lim, a senior lecturer at the Centre for Advancing Journalism, says Australian institutions are being left open to Communist Party influence peddling through ignorance.

Journal article

8 May 2017

Considers whether trading in influence is a problem in New Zealand and scopes out examples identified elsewhere.



25 Sep 2007

In this extract from his new book, JOHN WARHURST looks at the rise and fall of the Hawke government's Lobbyists Registration Scheme. Professor Warhurst's book, Behind Closed Doors: Politics, Scandals and the Lobbying Industry , describes the growing importance of the lobbying industry and...



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