Preferential voting



13 May 2016

In a unanimous judgement, the High Court on Friday crushed Family First senator Bob Day’s High Court challenge to the recent Senate voting reforms.

The court regarded none of Day’s arguments as having any merit. It dismissed them as “untenable” or failing at their...

Audio interview


22 Apr 2016

The Queensland political landscape has changed drastically with the introduction of four new MPs and the reintroduction of compulsory preferential voting. The ABC's election analyst, Antony Green, says the changes are astonishing.


4 Aug 2009

Are beautiful politicians more likely to be elected?

To test this, the authors use evidence from Australia, a country in which voting is compulsory, and in which voters are given ‘How to Vote’ cards depicting photos of the major party candidates as they arrive...


31 Aug 2006

This research note by Stephen Barber discusses the role of preferences in elections since the expansion of the Parliament in 1984 (the second election when full distribution of preferences was undertaken) and provides details on the direction of preferences at the 2004 election.



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