Professional Development


20 Feb 2019

This audit examines whether the Victorian Department of Education and Training and the Victorian Institute of Teaching have a clear and accurate understanding of the professional learning that occurs in Victorian government schools, including the planning, cost, and impact, so they can target and support...


15 Nov 2017

This publication provides an up to date overview of the competencies required for libraries to deliver excellent learning and teaching support to their university and research communities.

Discussion paper

11 Oct 2017

This discussion paper outlines a new tertiary model that would enable workers to more easily retrain and reskill over the course of their working lives.


9 Nov 2016

Doctors are the most trusted profession in Australia, along with nurses and pharmacists, according to social research published today into community and doctors’ views about trust, confidence and fitness to practise in the medical profession.

The Medical Board of Australia commissioned the independent social...


15 Dec 2015

Investing in teachers analysed Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) experience and identified lessons for improving teacher development policies and programs. The evaluation provides a typology of intervention options, in-depth case studies and contrasting cases to highlight achievements and challenges in different development...

Literature review

31 Mar 2015

The review describes examples from different countries of practices in educational policy and teacher development focused on enhancing teacher quality. It identifies policies that support teacher development as well as the characteristics of effective pre-service teacher education programs and of high-quality professional learning programs for...

Journal article

31 Jul 2014

Professional Learning Community (PLC) is a current ‘buzz’ term in business and educational contexts, seemingly referring to anything from decision making committees to regular meeting groups or collegial learning teams. This paper explores the concept of a PLC within three significantly innovative schools, based on...

Journal article

7 Jul 2014

The complex and ever-changing nature of teachers’ work challenges their well-being. Teacher well-being and 'fitness' includes versatility, mental strength, and commitment to promote effective teaching and learning. In framing this notion, we seek to understand the ecological influences impacting on teacher well-being and 'fitness' in...

Journal article

25 Jun 2014

With the implementation of the Australian Curriculum, the learning area of Society and Environment has been greatly impacted. What has been considered a multidisciplinary learning area is now known as Humanities and Social Sciences with prescribed content, teaching and learning approaches and achievement standards. This...

Journal article

22 Apr 2014


This paper focuses on issues concerning in-service English as an additional language or dialect teachers’ views on professional development (PD) in an online environment. On the basis of the data collected via a questionnaire survey and a series of interviews, this study finds...

Journal article

22 Apr 2014

This paper focuses on issues concerning in-service English as an additional language or dialect teachers’ views on professional development (PD) in an online environment. On the basis of the data collected via a questionnaire survey and a series of interviews, this study finds that intrinsic...

Journal article

31 Mar 2014

Professional learning within highly innovative educational contexts and focused on school-based teacher professional learning communities (PLCs) is increasingly being utilised in supporting teachers in refining their skills as facilitators and co-learners with their students. While various researchers outline the characteristics of teacher PLCs, there is...

Journal article

5 Feb 2014

Innovative educational approaches for schooling require changes to the traditional teacher role towards operating as co-facilitators and co-learners, and working in teacher teams, with considerable professional learning supporting this. Professional Learning Communities (PLCs) have been acknowledged as highly effective, with their characteristics being identified with...

Journal article

23 Jul 2013

Teachers who do not integrate technology are often labelled as 'resistant' to change. Yet, considerable uncertainties remain about appropriate uses and actual value of technology in teaching and learning, which can make integration and change seem risky. The purpose of this article is to explore...

Journal article

15 Jul 2012

Operation Magpie was a citizen science project that involved the community in collecting data about magpies. This article describes one aspect of the project from an education perspective. The study began with a collaboration of teacher educators, environmental scientists and a local radio station. After...


29 Feb 2012

In this paper, the authors examine the links between human resource management, including learning and development practices, and building innovation capacity. The survey component of the research found only limited evidence for the links between human resource management and innovation capacity, although some management practices...

Journal article

11 Nov 2011

This paper reflects on the process of curriculum development in 21 tertiary education institutions in the Southern Philippines. Assisting capacity-building of the teaching profession is an ongoing need in developing countries, but rarely does it extend to pre-service education. In this study of one aspect...



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