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Discussion paper

30 Jan 2019

Based on an analysis of end-of-school measures of student achievement from 1,600 schools in New South Wales, Victoria and Queensland, this paper concludes that Australia's school system is increasingly separating and dividing students by advantage and achievement.

Blog post

5 Jul 2018

There is an accepted need to bridge the gap between academic research and public policy. Knowledge brokers, individuals or organisations sympathetic to both research and policymaking cultures and able to mediate between the two, represent one way of doing so.


4 Jul 2018

From the 20th Century process of policy trial and error, the nations that married the strengths of markets and government came out ahead.


27 Feb 2018

This resource looks at efforts by Australia and Papua New Guinea to continue to strive for a bilateral relationship built on the foundation of respect as neighbours and equal partners, in order to foster greater collaboration between the two countries.


26 Jun 2017

Report of a workshop designed as an interactive session for policy people to experiment and explore opportunities for including citizen/client involvement early within the policy cycle.

Journal article

15 Jun 2017

This article outlines an evidence review, looking at barriers and drivers to the adoption and implementation of government one-stop-shops.


28 Jan 2015

The realities of policy influence are more complex than they may appear from the outside, but the rewards make it worthwhile, writes Catriona Jackson.

There are a few fully-fledged fantasies about the way academics give policy advice to government.

Let’s look at...


3 Nov 2014

Chair’s Foreword

I am pleased to introduce AITSL’s second Initial Teacher Education: Data Report. Since we released the first report in May 2013, the debate over the quality and direction of initial teacher education has intensified. The first data report has contributed to the...

Journal article

18 Dec 2012

The Northern Territory National Emergency Response Intervention (the Intervention) of 2007 was a bold experiment by the Howard Government. The Intervention was developed quickly without comprehensive policy development based on evidence or consultation. During its five-year statutory life (ending August 2012), the absence of coherent...


8 Dec 2012

OpenCRS gathers most available leaked research produced by the US Congressional Research Service, which unlike the Australian Parliamentary Library service, is not provided to the public in any formal or systematic way.

American taxpayers spend over $100 million a year to fund the Congressional...

Policy report

23 Mar 2011

Recently, all kinds of problems and issues are being called wicked, not in the sense of evil, but complex, difficult to understand and resistant to solving.

This is in comparison to tame problems, which are simple, straightforward and lend themselves to traditional, linear approaches...


11 Apr 2008

The Commonwealth’s Proceeds of Crime Act 2002 (the Act) commenced on 1 January 2003. The Act provides a scheme to trace, restrain and confiscate the proceeds of certain classes of crime against Commonwealth law. In some circumstances it can also be used to confiscate the...


3 Apr 2008

Delegates to the 2020 summit should heed the advice of The West Wing 's Leo McGarry, argues Jenny Lewis.


24 Jul 2007

This research brief considers the American experience of ownership deregulation from 1996 to the beginning of 2007 and makes comparisons with the Australian media landscape. It discusses whether differences in media traditions between the countries, including an entrenched public broadcaster culture, could deliver different outcomes...


15 Nov 2005

Patricia Apps and Ray Rees compare gender differences in the allocation of time to market work, domestic work, child care, and leisure over the life cycle, using survey data for three countries: Australia, the UK and Germany. They discuss the extent to which gender differences...



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