14 Aug 2014

Overview: This short report summarizes a lecture by Mr Iain Rennie, State Services Commissioner, State Services Commission presented at the IGPS on 20 June 2014.

The role of the State Services Commissioner is to provide leadership and over-sight of the State services including:...


28 Jun 2012

UK government departments are already implementing substantial change programmes; but the scale of the challenges and persistent weaknesses require a reform plan that applies right across the Civil Service.

The Civil Service plays a crucial role in modern British life, supporting the wellbeing, security...


27 Apr 2012

This draft report was released to assist participants in preparing a submission to the public inquiry into Barriers to Effective Climate Change Adaptation.

Climate change adaptation is action by households, firms, other organisations and governments to respond to the impacts of climate change that...


18 Nov 2009

This is a draft consultation regulatory impact statement on reforms based on best practice in state and territory consumer protection laws, and a new national product safety regime.

These reforms are being considered as part of the development of the Australian consumer law. The...


5 Nov 2009

SCRATCH any would-be education reformer among our political leaders and you’ll find someone who is easily excited by student test results. If the numbers go up then they prove the effectiveness of this or that innovation. If they go down then teachers aren’t making the...


11 Oct 2009

This report assesses the Severe Domestic Squalor Project, which aims to facilitate holistic assessment and support for people who are living in squalor; foster sustainable solutions for clients; and educate service providers.

The report concludes that the program provided high quality services to an...

Discussion paper

8 Apr 2009

This discussion paper outlines various reform options that the federal government is considering to reform the telecommunications regulatory framework.The federal government has announced it is seeking views on options for reforming the existing telecommunications regime to make it work more effectively, particularly during the transition...


27 Mar 2009

*Note full resource has been lost.

The “crisis exaggerators” are telling us that current economic conditions amount to an “unprecedented” global economic recession. This is historically incorrect. What is unprecedented is the degree to which economic commentators and political leaders are talking up economic...


17 Feb 2009

Following a Productivity Commission review of Australia's consumer policy framework, all Australian governments agreed to a new consumer policy framework, comprising a single national consumer law and streamlined enforcement arrangements. An Australian Consumer Law will significantly enhance consumer protection, reduce regulatory complexity for businesses and...


18 Oct 2008

John Langmore from the University of Melbourne writes that after many years of despair about much-needed reform of the Security Council, "a recent move in the General Assembly of an apparently procedural character gives cause for some optimism". Langmore discusses promising reform proposals, and one...


17 Sep 2008

Vertical fiscal imbalance is the root cause of intergovernmental conflict in the Australian federation, and un-remedied will limit the dividends of any revitalised Council of Australian Governments. This paper argues the while the GST has been an effective growth tax, it has exacerbated Australia’s VFI...


31 Jul 2008

This report is the Commission’s latest scorecard on the financial performance of 86 government trading enterprises (GTEs). The report also examines the impact on capital management of inadequate compensation for community service obligations and of the persistent poor performance of some GTEs. The 86 GTEs...


10 Jun 2008

The purpose of this green paper is to consult stakeholders about the following range of financial services and credit reform initiatives:

• the development of a comprehensive approach to the regulation of mortgages and mortgage broking advice; • the regulation of margin lending; •...

Discussion paper

16 May 2008

The term ‘primary health care’ is commonly used interchangeably with ‘primary care’. However, strictly speaking, primary health care is a strategy of public health, derived from the social model of health and sustained by the Declaration of Alma Alta, which was jointly sponsored by the...


8 May 2008

While Australia's consumer policy framework has considerable strengths, parts of it require an overhaul. The first step in this process should be the introduction of a single generic consumer law applying across Australia, based on the consumer provisions in the Trade Practices Act, modified to...


19 Feb 2008

The election of a new government means an opportunity to fix some of the things that have been going wrong with Australia’s electoral system. Australia has been making it harder to enrol and vote, and easier for private money to influence electoral outcomes. Read the...


3 Jul 2007

Policy proposals, nowadays, are unlikely to survive for long unless wrapped up in the rubric of 'reform'. Martin Leet explores why reform has become such an obsession in public policy and considers whether its days might be numbered.


22 May 2007

The National Reform Agenda (NRA) proposed in 2006 by the Council of Australian Governments (COAG) includes a human capital stream of reforms, designed to effect changes in health, education and work incentives. In 2006, the Productivity Commission undertook an assessment of the economic and fiscal...


3 Apr 2007

Australia, like many other countries around the world, needs to seriously consider how its tertiary (Higher Education and Vocational Education) system will effectively meet changing societal needs. As modern nations progressively become knowledge economies, the proportion of our population which progresses from secondary school to...


3 Nov 2006

This is the text of a speech by the chair of the Productivity Commission, who also chairs the Regulation Taskforce, at the 2006 Australian Social and Economic Outlook Conference. He argues that there is considerable scope for regulation within Australia's federal system to work better...



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