Royal Commission

Discussion paper

15 Dec 2017

This discussion paper outlines key issues relating to the implementation of the proposed inquiry into abuse in state care (the Inquiry) and seeks your feedback on these matters. This builds on a paper considered on 11 December 2017, which sought feedback on the potential purpose...

Discussion paper

11 Dec 2017

This discussion paper outlines key issues relating to the purpose and scope for the proposed inquiry into abuse in state care. It seeks ministers’ feedback on these matters.

Journal article

24 Nov 2017

This article seeks to analyse and assess regulatory responses to trade union corruption. It attempts to establish the extent of the problem which these new laws are intended to address, and to determine whether they are therefore necessary or, as many critics of the Royal...


20 Sep 2016

We’re paying too much for a bloated financial service sector.

A prominent example is Australia’s largest health insurer, Medibank Private, which in the last financial year absorbed just over a billion dollars of contributors’ premiums in management overheads and profits – $511 million as...

Audio interview

2 Sep 2016

Labor almost succeeded in getting up a banking royal commission last night, after the Government was caught napping when several ministers left the parliament early, perhaps forgetting their ultra slim, one-vote majority.

For a moment, the Opposition had the numbers to win several procedural...


5 Jun 2015

This submission is informed by several roundtables and community consultations on family violence and elder abuse ECCV has conducted since 2012. These consultations included representatives from ethno-specific family violence services, ethno-specific family and children services, ethno-specific aged care providers, ethno-specific senior groups and representatives from...



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