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Briefing paper

9 Dec 2016

ECCV is the peak policy advocacy organisation for ethnic and multicultural groups in Victoria and consults with communities when their voices are not heard in the policy process.

In October 2016 ECCV consulted with culturally diverse actors, writers, directors and stage professionals in partnership...

Fact sheet

13 May 2014

This article takes a closer look at people working in the screen industry, and their jobs. It builds on an experimental series published in 2012 that uses Linked Employer-Employee Data (LEED) to supplement the Screen Industry Survey.

The Screen Industry Survey is an annual...


7 Mar 2007

With convergence potentially opening up a vast array of new channels for the distribution of audio visual and print entertainment, news, information and opinion, the challenge for the ACCC will be to promote competition and not allow incumbents to impede the development of competitive choices...


26 Aug 2005

We are at a point in time where technological change and convergence could once again change the way consumers access news, information and entertainment, argues the ACCC chair, Graeme Samuel, in this address to the Melbourne Press Club Journalism 2005 Conference.

Released 26...



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