Service delivery

Discussion paper

15 Nov 2018

This consultation paper is seeking your views on proposals to support reliability of services (Part B). The paper is focused on proposals for reliable telecommunications services, including reasonable timeframes for connections, fault repairs and appointments.

Journal article

14 Aug 2018

The paper discusses the problems that have plagued service delivery in Papua New Guinea—both over the long term and with the rollout of the District Development Authority Act of 2014. Various principal/agent and moral hazard problems are identified as well as the persistent poor delivery...

Draft report

6 Oct 2017

The QPC has released this draft report for consultation on the inquiry into service delivery in remote and discrete Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities.


7 Aug 2017

This report presents a summary of the NSW survey results providing a comparison between the NSW and national results, and between the OOHC and residential care surveys in NSW.

Briefing paper

7 Aug 2017

This snapshot presents a summary of the results of two state-wide surveys conducted by the NSW Department of Family and Community Services (FACS) in 2015 – the [NSW] National Out-of-Home Care Survey and the NSW Residential Care Survey.

Briefing paper

7 Aug 2017

This brief presents the findings of an analysis of the performance of the Western NSW Mobile Child Protection Unit (MCPU) in its first year of establishment. The MCPU was created to address the need for more reliable and consistent child protection responses in remote parts...


1 Jun 2017

The Kapasa is a tool for policy managers, advisors and analysts within government agencies to incorporate the needs, values, aspirations and experiences of Pacific peoples in the generic policy development process.

Working paper

31 May 2016

A major thrust of policy and practice within human services in recent years has been the implementation of evidence-based practices. However, despite the wide-spread use of such evidence-based programs and strategies, we are not always getting the kind of results we would expect when we...

Journal article

27 May 2015

This article adds to the emerging empirical literature on citizen co-production. Based on a telephone survey of 1000 Australian adults, it replicates a five-country European study focusing on three policy domains: neighbourhood safety, environment, and health (Loeffler et al. 2008). It shows that individually performed...

Journal article

30 Apr 2015

Background : An examination (audit) of the files of patients who had received any mental health services in the year prior to an alleged offence may inform our understanding of the relationship between mental health and crime. More helpfully, it may provide information to...


5 Dec 2014


Along with many other sectors – including disability, health and housing – the funding of mental health services is undergoing significant reform from a block funded model to ‘client directed’ or ‘individualised’ funding. This shift promises to give individual clients greater choice...


14 Oct 2014

Being a/part is a national research collaboration that looks at the contribution a sense of belonging might make to the outcomes for young people using Anglicare services.

Being a/part surveyed young people aged between 17 and 21 accessing Anglicare services, many of...

Journal article

15 Sep 2014

Experience with pooling service delivery among Pacific Island countries has not met the optimistic expectations of advocates, finds this study.


9 Feb 2012

Improving government service provision is an important factor in achieving social and economic benefits, especially within Indigenous communities. A common feature of government service delivery, both within Australia and internationally, is the use of third party providers, many of whom are not‐for‐profit organisations, to deliver...

Discussion paper

30 Jun 2011

This paper measures the extent to which both donor finance and resource revenues have contributed to higher rates of expenditure in key development sectors of the PNG economy - social services (including health and education) and infrastructure, between 1975 and 2010. Estimated elasticities are then...


20 Aug 2010

Several Brotherhood of St Laurence sites and program clusters have been identified as active or potential community activity and service delivery centres. This paper outlines how they began, the community context, their aims, planned outcomes and target populations. This overview will contribute to...



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