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RP2021e: greening inner-urban travel with sharing economy mobility services
16 Aug 2019

This report explores the role of commercial shared mobility services in supporting the needs of major trip generators, using inner-urban Adelaide as a case study.


23 Jun 2019

This report explores barriers to the provision of sharing economy mobility services and highlights actions that can be taken by policy makers and other organisations to support their availability. The report finds that Australia cities have similar shared mobility issues that are evident in other...


20 Jun 2019

There has been a rapid global rise in both bike and car share offerings. Yet many of these have only current low adoption levels, highlighting a pressing need to understand the consumer behaviour that surrounds their adoption. This research maps how future mobility and demand...


20 Jun 2019

In Australia, various City Councils, including the City of Adelaide, are pursuing carbon neutrality at municipal-scale based on their operational greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. As passenger transport is a major component of city operational GHG emissions, there is an opportunity for shared mobility services to...


A consultation paper in response to the Black Economy Taskforce: final report
23 Jan 2019

The purpose of this paper is to seek views on the possible design characteristics of a reporting regime to provide information on Australians who receive an income from sharing economy websites.

Conference paper

18 Jun 2018

The Victorian economy is transitioning from an industrial economy to one based on knowledge and services. This might suggest that there is no need to plan for industrial uses. However using the measure of land consumption, industrial users across metropolitan Melbourne consume nearly 300 hectares...

Conference paper

18 Jun 2018

Airbnb is a short-term accommodation in the sharing economy platform that has become increasingly prevalent since its inception in 2008. Despite the growth of Airbnb, limited research has been focussed on understanding how this facet of the sharing economy interacts with the existing urban spatial...

Conference paper

18 Jun 2018

There is growing global concern about the local neighbourhood and housing market impacts of online “home-sharing” platforms such as Airbnb. However, the research base to inform policy and planning responses remains limited. This paper examines how different forms of “holiday home-sharing” – whereby property owners...

Journal article

12 Feb 2018

Talk of ‘platforms’ – or the ‘sharing economy’ – sometimes seems to be ubiquitous. But how significant is this model, and what kinds of policy and regulatory issues is it raising?

Journal article

24 Jan 2018

Commercial sharing platforms have reshaped the transportation and housing sectors in cities and raised challenges for urban policy makers seeking to balance market disruption with community protections. Transformational sharing seeks to strengthen the urban commons to address social justice, equity and sustainability.

This paper...


6 Oct 2017

Many consider Airbnb as one of the most disruptive developments in tourism over the past decade. This BCEC feature report looks at the rapid growth of the sharing economy in recent years and how it has challenged traditional economies in many countries around the globe....

Discussion paper

20 Jul 2017

There has been a rapid growth in short-term holiday letting (STHL) both nationally and in NSW over recent years particularly since the emergence of online booking services and the development of the sharing economy.


27 Feb 2017

This report presents findings from an analysis of the scale and scope of the sharing economy in Melbourne. The central aim of this report is to outline the breadth of the sharing economy in Melbourne, and to identify future directions for further investigation. The new...


14 Dec 2016

Many trends on the horizon offer opportunities that could transform our cities. From self-driving vehicles and the sharing economy through to cloud computing and blockchain technologies, each of these trends is quite significant on its own. But the convergence of their disruptive forces is what...


Complying with Australia’s consumer law
3 Nov 2016

If you are driving for Uber, renting accommodation via Airbnb or using similar websites or apps to find work or customers, you are part of the sharing economy and this guidance is for you.

If you are a trader this guidance will help you...


2 Nov 2016

The WA Government is formulating ‘on demand’ transport reforms due to the emergence of ridesharing. To fully realise the benefits of ridesharing, these reforms require a framework that ensures safety and consumer protection, without unnecessary barriers to entry. In developing a regulatory model that fully...


20 Oct 2016

This research paper offers a jurisdictional comparison of legislation affecting Uber and other TNCs, within Australia and at an international level.



16 Sep 2016

Infrastructure in our cities – let’s call it the hardware – remains much the same as ever, but the software – the way we use it – is transforming rapidly. One piece of that software, Airbnb, is dramatically reshaping the world’s cities. The digital platform...


14 Apr 2016

The rise of the sharing economy can save Australians more than $500 million on taxi bills, help them to put underused property and other assets to work, and increase employment and income for people on the fringe of the job market. The prize for getting...



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