social wellbeing

Literature review

25 Jul 2017

Released in 2017, the NSW Anti-bullying Strategy brings together evidence-based resources and information to support schools, parents and carers, and students to prevent and respond to bullying effectively. This literature review provides the evidence base for the department’s anti-bullying strategy.


1 Dec 2016

Building on existing Australian social statistics, Australia’s Social Pulse measures changes over time in key social indicators across a range of domains. It also uses statistical analysis to investigate associations between outcomes and community, household, and individual characteristics to provide an in-depth understanding of the...


21 Nov 2016

The shortage of housing in remote communities, and their deteriorated condition, has long been associated with high levels of crowding, homelessness and serious health and social problems affecting the wellbeing of Indigenous Australians. A contributing factor to poor housing standards was the diversity of housing...


14 Apr 2016

The People They Make Us Welcome, a new policy paper by the Centre for Multicultural Youth explores how well newly arrived young people are settling by exploring their sense of belonging in the Australian community. Research around young people’s experiences of belonging is limited. Although...


3 Nov 2015

This is a large-scale study that explores young people's use of the full range of media and technology. It offers a comprehensive picture of the use of media by kids, age 8 to 18 in the U.S., including the level of enjoyment, frequency of use,...


22 Oct 2015

The health and independence report reviews the state of public health in New Zealand.

This year’s report focuses on a number of high profile areas for the health and disability system including pregnancy and early childhood, mental health and wellbeing, and vulnerable groups....

Working paper

28 Apr 2015

Key Points

Social services help New Zealanders to live healthy, safe and fulfilling lives. They provide access to health services and education opportunities, and protect and supp ort the most vulnerable. The quality of these services and access to them are crucial to...

Working paper

1 Apr 2015

This report statistically examines whether being in a creative occupation is associated with higher levels of subjective wellbeing, once other factors that affect wellbeing are controlled for. Four different measures of subjective wellbeing (life satisfaction, worthwhileness, happiness and anxiety) from the UK’s Annual Population Survey...


21 Sep 2014

A growing body of scientific evidence suggests mindfulness is an essential life skill. Mindfulness practices help focus attention and have the potential to enhance both teacher and student well being. Techniques focus on the development of the whole person – awareness of the mind, body...



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