strategic management


20 Apr 2016

The Victorian Government has developed the Victorian Floodplain Management Strategy to help communities be better prepared for future floods.

The strategy clarifies the roles and responsibilities of government agencies and authorities involved in flood management. It aims to improve the evaluation and communication of...

Discussion paper

29 Sep 2015

As an emerging maritime power, Indonesia will encounter a variety of considerations in deciding how it will project its power in the region. In the lead up to his election, Indonesian President Joko Widodo promised to strengthen Indonesia’s maritime security, develop regional diplomatic ties and...


23 Sep 2015

This paper examines the ongoing strategic competition and rivalry between India and China, suggesting it can be seen as a ‘New Great Game’, with parallels to the original ‘Great Game’ played out between Britain and Russia for control of South and Central Asia in the...


18 Apr 2008

PIAC made a submission in response to the release of the Review of the disability standards for accessible public transport: Draft report (the Draft Report) in January 2008. PIAC and the NSW Disability Discrimination Legal Centre, supported by a coalition of disability organisations, produced Flight...


19 Mar 2008

In 2007, The Cancer Council Australia, with co-sponsorship from the Commonwealth Department of Health and Ageing, convened a national roundtable discussion on human papillomavirus (HPV) immunisation and its impact on the National Cervical Screening Program.

HPV immunisation has the potential to prevent strains of...



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