Sustainable agricultural production


5 Dec 2018

The Biological Emissions Reference Group, comprising representatives from agricultural sector organisations and government agencies, conducted research and analysis over a two-year period. This report shows that many New Zealand farmers want to take action to reduce biological greenhouse gas emissions, but need more information about...


4 Dec 2018

In the Solomon Islands, where around 87% of land is under customary tenure, commercial ventures need support from customary landowners, otherwise they are unlikely to succeed. This report is part of a broader regional study on sustainable economic development of customary land in the Pacific...


31 Aug 2018

This report analyses and makes recommendations on issues of agriculture, market development and gobal markets in the context of New Zealand's engagement in PNG.


India Energy Efficiency Series
20 Jun 2017

Economic development will lead to higher demand for various end-use goods and services in India. Energy-efficient technologies provide a way forward to achieve economic growth at relatively lower costs due to associated multiple benefits such as resource conservation, lower energy consumption, higher productivity and lower...

Journal article

22 Jul 2013

This paper investigates the environmental sustainability and competitiveness perceptions of small farmers in a region in northern Brazil. The main data collection instruments included a survey questionnaire and an analysis of the region’s strategic plan. In total, ninety-nine goat and sheep breeding farmers were surveyed....



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