11 Dec 2018

Everyone has a right to education, whether you are leaving school, changing careers, retraining later in life or looking to gain new skills and knowledge. But successive Labor and Liberal governments have treated students as customers and education as a business. As a result, funding...


1 Aug 2018

With a range of new technologies bearing down upon us, huge shifts in the global order under way, longer lives – and potentially longer working lives – it is vital that Australia has a flexible, adaptable tertiary education and training system which gives us the...


31 Jul 2018

This publication provides an estimate of the extent and nature of VET delivered in 2017 by Australian training providers. Information in this publication is provided on the number of training providers, estimated students and participation rates, program enrolments, subject enrolments, hours of delivery, program completions...


3 Jul 2018

This publication provides a summary of data relating to students, programs, subjects and training providers in Australia’s government-funded VET system.


23 May 2018

This report outlines the results of our financial audits of TAFE institutes and our observations for the year ended 31 December 2017. It also assess the sector’s financial performance during the 2017 reporting period and its sustainability.


1 Mar 2018

This report recommends that the federal government establish a comprehensive review of Australia's entire VET sector, with a view to achieving adequate and sustainable ongoing funding levels, appropriate controls on private providers and a coherent and supportive policy framework.


22 Feb 2018

A failed experiment in market-led education needs to be buried once and for all, writes John Quiggin.


An investigation into allegations of serious corruption involving Victorian vocational education and training, and public transport sectors.
8 Dec 2017

This special report details the findings and recommendations of a major IBAC investigation, Operation Lansdowne, into allegations of serious corrupt conduct relating to South West Institute of TAFE and Bendigo Kangan Institute of TAFE.


30 Nov 2017

This publication provides information on revenue, expenditure, assets and liabilities of government-funded vocational education and training (VET) in Australia. The publication is based on 2016 data provided by the Australian, state and territory government departments responsible for administering government funds for Australia’s VET system.


21 Nov 2017

In this paper we provide an overview of recent research on the factors that drive the performance of registered training organisations (RTOs), with a view to identifying areas for future research.


21 Aug 2017

This report debunks claims from Government, Opposition and industry leaders about Australia’s apprenticeship system being in crisis.

Audio interview


22 Jun 2016

Higher education is on the election radar, but the future of the university and vocational education sectors is far from clear. The Coalition is promising an 'efficient pricing review' by an expert advisory panel, while Labor has pledged to establish a Higher Education Productivity and...


26 May 2016

The financial position of the technical and further education (TAFE) sector has improved at 31 December 2015 compared to prior years. This has been driven by reduced spending in the sector and $159.3 million in additional grant funding provided by the state government to TAFE...


18 May 2016

Labor has a plan to back TAFE into the future by developing a comprehensive National Priority Plan that defines the unique role of TAFE as our public provider and delivers on this by working with the states and territories to provide ongoing guaranteed TAFE funding....


19 Apr 2016

Executive Summary

TAFE NSW is operating in an increasingly competitive vocational education and training (VET) market in NSW. The Australian VET market is large and highly competitive. It is made up of nearly 2000 often small and highly specialised Registered Training Organisations...


16 Mar 2016


The vocational education and training (VET) system in Australia plays a central role in the development of skills for the Australian workforce and through that role makes a critical contribution to workforce participation, productivity levels, individual’s life chances and economic and social...


3 Apr 2007

Australia, like many other countries around the world, needs to seriously consider how its tertiary (Higher Education and Vocational Education) system will effectively meet changing societal needs. As modern nations progressively become knowledge economies, the proportion of our population which progresses from secondary school to...


11 Dec 2003

Phoebe Palmieri uses four case studies to examine how human resource practices of TAFE institutes have changed to accommodate flexible delivery and the changing roles of staff. The report reveals that a whole of organisation customer-service philosophy is a useful basis for flexible delivery and...


30 Jul 1991

This 1991 report, commonly termed the 'Finn Review', resulted in the establishment of local industry vocational training for young people.

The Australian Education Council (AEC), at its October 1988 meeting, resolved to establish a working party on links between schools and TAFE. The working...



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