Threatened species


3 Apr 2019

This interim report is focussed on the effectiveness of the EPBC Act as a legislative framework for managing the Australian environment, rather than its implementation. The committee recognises that evidence canvassed serious shortcomings with the implementation of the Act and other related areas, such as...


25 Oct 2017

Environmental law in Australia has not only been expanding but also becoming more centralised. This paper emphasises one aspect of environmental law - the listing and protection of threatened species - and analyses potential reform directions.


1 Jan 2016

Panulirus ornatus is a highly-valued tropical spiny lobster species with an extensive Indo- West Pacific distribution, ranging from the east coast of Africa through to the central Pacific Islands. The species is intensively fished throughout its range to supply a rapidly growing Asian seafood market,...


1 Jan 2014

Mariculture interest in the Tridacnidae family of giant clams has increased in response to economic and nutritional opportunities, but also in response to increasing reports of local extinctions as a result of over-harvesting, pollution, and habitat degradation. Key impediments to culturing giant clams for stock...


25 Mar 2008

Drawing on research conducted by the Climate Change Ecology Group at Macquarie University, this report finds that climate change is likely to have a negative impact on Australian species, with some already experiencing its effects. Almost 40 per cent of mammal extinctions globally in the...


4 Apr 2007

Australia is home to more than one million species of plants and animals,manyofwhicharefoundnowhereelseonEarth.About85percentof Australia’s flowering plants, 84 per cent of its mammals, 89 per cent of its reptiles, 93 per cent of its frogs, 45 per cent of its birds and 85 per cent of...



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