universal health care

Discussion paper

A review of the national reviews of Australia's health service arrangements
28 Feb 2019

This issues paper highlights the complexity and dysfunction of the current health system in Australia and aims to bring attention to the considerable agreement across national health reviews over the past 35 years.

Policy report

A 'Canada Next: 12 ways to get ahead of disruption' report
8 Jan 2019

This report argues that digital innovations offer policy makers the opportunity to transform Canada's healthcare system into a more patient-centred one that provides equal access.


20 Dec 2018

This paper is about why it is difficult for some parents to talk to practitioners about their children’s mental health and what practitioners can do to make it easier for parents to have those conversations.


29 Sep 2015

This book is about 24 developing countries that have embarked on the journey towards universal health coverage (UHC) following a bottom-up approach, with a special focus on the poor and vulnerable, through a systematic data collection that provides practical insights to policymakers and practitioners....


17 Oct 2006

We can restore universalism and increase both equity and efficiency in health care - at no additional cost to the taxpayer, according to this policy proposal from New Matilda. Private insurance is weakening the government’s ability to use its bargaining power to control costs. We...



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