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Results from the 2018 Higher Education Accommodation and Financial Stress Survey
8 Jul 2019

There is a growing body of evidence on the link between undergraduate student poverty and adverse student outcomes, and this study contributes to this evidence base. This study shows that a significant number of Australian domestic and international undergraduate students experience unacceptable levels of poverty....


13 Aug 2018

One in seven university students regularly go without food and other necessities because they cannot afford them, the latest national financial survey of Australian university students has found.


6 Jun 2017

While many new approaches to improving student attrition outcomes have been tried and there has been some improvement in retention in Australia and other countries, the improvement is not universal across the institutions, and there remains a persistent level of attrition in the sector.


16 Dec 2016

The Government welcomes the Higher Education Standards Panel’s Report on how the admissions policies and processes of higher education providers can be made clearer, easier to access and more useful, to inform the choices and decisions of prospective students and their families.

Over recent...

Discussion paper

6 Apr 2016

The Higher Education Standards Panel has released this paper calling for public submissions on how to improve transparency in higher education admissions processes.



15 Dec 2015

Presents a summary of statistics relating to young Australians aged 15 to 19 years who participated in education and training during 2014.

Highlights This publication presents a summary of statistics relating to young Australians aged 15 to 19 years who participated in education...


4 Dec 2015

Informing Policy and Practice: 2014 Student Equity in Higher Education Grants Program Projects reports on the twelve research projects the NCSEHE funded under its 2014 grants program.

The publication acts as a conduit for discussion on how the research findings may inform student...

Journal article

19 Oct 2015

Peer mentoring is often considered the single most effective strategy for increasing student retention and student satisfaction. As a consequence, mentoring programs have been implemented at most universities and are an essential feature of best practice transition programs. Yet, the literature is inconsistent regarding what...

Journal article

1 Sep 2015

There is considerable debate both in Australia and internationally about the best way for schools to deliver the thinking skills required for university study and professional work life – skills that are often referred to as “critical thinking".


Final report
30 Apr 2010

This project developed innovative teaching and learning programs designed to meet the particular needs of students from refugee backgrounds to engage with university learning.


15 Mar 2010

This study was conducted with students from refugee backgrounds who currently attend universities in Western Australia (WA).



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