University-industry collaboration


31 Oct 2018

This paper defines university-industry collaboration (UIC), explores the key benefits of UIC, and provides insights into how to improve UIC in New Zealand and how to measure the outcome of UIC.


25 Apr 2017

This report focuses on the data related to IP in Australia, with discussion of the Productivity Commission (PC) inquiry and a side report on University-Industry Collaboration.


26 Jul 2016

Australia has a poor report card when it comes to university-business collaboration. It ranks last among OECD countries when comparing the proportion of businesses working with universities.

But this is not all. Australia ranks only 72nd in the world on the Innovation Efficiency Ratio,...


6 May 2016

Executive Summary

The overall quality of the Australian research sector is high by OECD standards but Australia’s performance is poor when it comes to translating publicly funded research into collaboration with business. We rank last out of 26 OECD countries on the proportion...


6 Apr 2016

Examines the changing dynamic and the transformation of “rustbelt” cities, the former industrial centers of the U.S. and Europe, into a “brainbelt” of design and innovation.


27 Nov 2015

This report makes evidence-based findings about how current levels of translation, commercialisation and collaboration in Australia could be improved and examines how international models could be applied in Australia.


31 Aug 2015

The current research training system (RTS) seems to be working reasonably well, producing high quality and innovative researchers in the Arts, Social Sciences and Humanities (ASSH). One challenge that the sector faces is ensuring the appropriateness of Higher Degree by Research (HDR) scholarship, for those...


15 Jul 2015

The National Survey of Research Commercialisation (NSRC) is a national survey on the research engagement and commercialisation activities of publicly funded research organisations in Australia. It is the primary source of information on the publicly funded research sector’s efforts to collaborate with industry to transfer...


30 Mar 2015

Executive summary

The continuation of Australia’s economic growth is under threat. In order to sustain the levels of prosperity we have previously experienced, we have to build on our competitive edge in key industries to remain globally competitive. Alongside these developments, Australia’s higher...


1 Mar 2015

ATSE believes that realising the benefits of Australia’s world-class research system requires translation of its outputs into economic and societal benefits.The effective translation of research will be at the core of Australia’s future competitiveness and prosperity.


The Australian Academy of Technological...

Discussion paper

29 Oct 2014


As a key, business-focused element of the Economic Action Strategy, the Industry Innovation and Competitiveness Agenda brings together and builds on the Government’s other economic reform efforts to make the most of Australia’s strengths and business opportunities.

Through the Competitiveness Agenda,...

Working paper

15 Aug 2014

OECD data shows that Australian researchers are less engaged in collaboration with industry than their counterparts in other countries. This is of particular concern for Australia given the large proportion of our researchers in the public sector. Calls to address this problem have increasingly been...


9 Sep 2008

According to the report, the architecture of Australia’s existing national innovation system is now a generation old and requires an urgent re-appraisal and re-structuring. Its 72 recommendations range across the components of an effective system, focusing on innovation in business, strengthening people and skills, excellence...

Discussion paper

26 May 2008

Australia needs to encourage a new form of research that contributes directly to the formulation of policy in government, according to this report. Such research is initiated by the end user rather than the researcher. It is characterised by being strategically driven, problem oriented and...


31 Mar 2008

The announcement of the Review of the Australian Innovation System in February 2008 presents those working in the Arts with a timely opportunity to seek an alignment between our Arts and Cultural policies and our Research and Innovation policies. But what might this involve and...

Discussion paper

15 May 2005

Executive summary

This report describes the commercial activities and examines the impediments and incentives facing humanities, arts and social sciences (HASS) researchers and educators at the tertiary level in Australia. It is a snapshot of who is commercialising research and how they approach...


6 Jul 2004

The ARC Linkage Projects grants program supports collaborative research between higher education researchers and industry. In this study Ien Ang and Elizabeth Cassity focus on projects which involve researchers from the humanities and creative arts, tracking and exploring the collaborative research interaction between university and...


3 Nov 1999

The present study was commissioned by the Australian Research Council (ARC) and the Department of Education and Y outh Affairs (DETY A) to assess the extent to which their industry-linked research funding has been meeting the Government’s objectives in supporting university and industry interaction....

Policy report

Report of the CSIRO Secondary Industry Committee
1 Jan 1972

In November 1971, the Advisory Council decided to establish a committee, known as the CSIRO Secondary Industry Committee, to review the present relationships between CSIRO and secondary industry and to report on future developments in this field.

The terms of reference emphasized such areas...



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