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12 Sep 2018

The emerging ‘grand challenges’ of climate change, resource scarcity and population growth present a risk nexus to cities in the Anthropocene. This article discusses the potential that rapid urbanisation presents to help mitigate these risks through large-scale transitions if future urban development is delivered using...


Living lab director and coordination
30 Aug 2018

Fifteen Living Laboratories have been developed across Australia over the past 5 years under the auspices of the CRC for Low Carbon Living. The establishment of the Living Labs has been a significant investment and this report outlines the Living Labs and proposes a model...

Conference paper

Recreating Mapuche spaces in Santiago de Chile
18 Jun 2018

This paper presents a case where history seems to move in fits and starts and circles. Mapuche belonging was erased from Santiago de Chile more than 4 centuries ago by Spanish conquistadors. Now the Mapuche are recreating a sense of belonging in peripheral neighbourhoods of...

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Melbourne’s Bread and Cheese Club and postwar literary urban conservationism
18 Jun 2018

The origins of a conservation ethos in the urban Australia of the late 1960s and early 1970s is commonly assumed to stem from international influences. Yet there is also a local cultural element to this urban conservationism, the recognition, celebration and preservation of historic environments,...


17 May 2016

This report examines successful examples of off-peak freight movement around the world and identifies obstacles which are limiting the uptake of off-peak delivery in Australia.

The project examined international and local experiences in re-timing deliveries, the obstacles to changing freight movement to off-peak hours,...

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18 Feb 2016

Transport mobility is important in defining the population’s accessibility to services and facilities. Few studies have investigated the relationship between geographical accessibility of urban services for the population living in residential areas and socio-economic parameters. In this paper, the distribution of residential parcels is analysed...

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3 Mar 2014

A major challenge for urban Australia and its fast growing cities in particular is the provision of an adequate supply of appropriately located, affordable and sustainable housing across a range of dwelling types. A related challenge involves attempts by the metropolitan planning agencies in the...


How high quality parks and public spaces create economic, social and environmental value
8 Jan 2014

Public space is a vital part of everyday urban life.



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