Urban renewal


27 Dec 2018

Canberra is growing as fast as anywhere in Australia. It's driven by a knowledge economy that is transforming the city centre but is also displacing poorer residents.

Conference paper

The potential of urban mixity discussed via an exemplary Melbourne inner-suburb
18 Jun 2018

The design-research Cremorne2025 investigated, though multiple iterations, the densification of an exemplary and historically crucial industrial suburb of Melbourne. It challenges consequences of urban sprawl, highlighting potentials of inner-city industrial sites for urban renewal and new activity. Careful intensification of urban heritage was acknowledged as...


5 Jun 2018

The number of people on the Victorian Housing Register increased by around 1,500 people in the first three months of 2018 alone. Having declared the Public Housing Renewal Program to be a project of statewide significance, the state government intends to take control of the...

Policy report

Menu of State Policy Options
11 Apr 2018

Cities and states are always looking for ways to more efficiently and effectively deliver public services, such as flood management, resource conservation, pollution prevention, social equity and human health. Green infrastructure is an integrated set of strategies that help realize these outcomes in the built...


A study to contribute an evaluation of the Dunbar Way Estate Regeneration Program (DWRP)
4 May 2017

In 2011, Pacific Link Housing negotiated a project with Housing NSW to renew the Dunbar Way social housing estate in North Gosford in return for management rights. This study evaluates the outcomes of the renewal including resident’s experience of social housing neighbourhood, their attitudes toward...


8 Nov 2016

Chronic traffic congestion, loud noise and low-quality business premises: these are challenges faced today by users of Parramatta Road, residents within Parramatta Road corridor and visitors. The corridor, which connects Sydney CBD to Sydney’s dual CBD, Parramatta, is a priority area for the long-term growth...


5 Oct 2016

The Advancing our cities and regions strategy is an innovative approach to renewing and repurposing surplus and underutilised state property to deliver better community outcomes, create jobs and drive economic growth. Property Queensland within the Department of State Development is working with government land-owning agencies...

Working paper

5 Sep 2012

This project compares the house price profiles before and after the introduction of neighbourhood renewal programs to consider their impact on perceived amenity (as proxied by house prices).

Australian State Housing Authorities have used urban renewal programs to improve housing stocks and...


27 Feb 2008

The urban renewal strategies being rolled out in all Australian capitals result in an increasing number of residents living and sharing space in city areas. This densification process calls for a closer inspection of the communication policies and initiatives and their adequacy to support the...

Conference paper

1 Jan 2004

The Victorian government's Neighbourhood Renewal initiative addresses place based disadvantage by fostering community engagement and development, through partnerships and cooperation between government, local service providers, business and community. The Collingwood and Fitzroy public housing estates are two Neighbourhood Renewal sites, and this paper reviews the...


13 Aug 2002

The key factors in promoting resident participation in renewal are community development approaches that start with local people, identify local issues and give residents the confidence and skills to influence their communities writes Bill Randolph.

Much of the debate and policy action involving area...


Dynamics in the housing market can be simulated using agent-based modelling. Focusing on the theme of urban regeneration, we present a housing market model framework which explores the causal relationships that occur in this market.



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