Wireless technology

Conference paper

29 Nov 2017

Wireless communication is now integral to the social, economic and cultural life of cities and will become increasingly so as Internet of Things (IOT) technologies alter existing urban processes and generate entirely new ones. Although wireless connectivity engages almost all aspects of urban governance, management...


7 Aug 2017

Backers of 5G promise breathtaking speed and ultra-reliability. But does Australia need its own vision for the new wireless networks? Jock Given takes a closer look.

Journal article

1 Oct 2013

The existing literature has given little consideration to social values of information technology in general or of wireless technology in particular. The purpose of this paper is thus to shed new light on this issue. Based on an interpretive case study, we examine two healthcare...

Journal article

23 Nov 2010

The existing body of knowledge has generally supported that organizational culture plays a significant role in shaping group identity, work pattern, communication schemes, and interpersonal relations; all of these cultural elements are important organizational factors that shape workplaces and operational routines. In the context of...

Journal article

22 Oct 2010

Cost efficiency has been a dominant perspective in the traditional IT literature. However, in complex technology and business environment, the widely recognized cost efficient assumption of information technology has been increasingly challenged. Drawing from a case study of wireless network implementation situated in a politically...

Conference paper

15 Oct 2007

Wireless Broadband technologies can play an important part in the deployment of broadband infrastructure albeit for different contexts in both developed and developing countries. Wireless technologies have a particular niche in the different ways of developing countries that do not have a mature copper network...



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