workplace relations


26 Jul 2018

The Return to Work Act 2014 established a scheme to support workers and employers when a work injury occurs. An independent review of the Act must be carried out after three years of its commencement. This report is the result of that review.

Discussion paper

27 Apr 2018

This position paper identifies some simple steps to tackle the overly complex workplace relations system for small businesses.


Report 1 of the Australian Women's Working Futures Project
6 Mar 2018

New research carried out by the Women, Work and Leadership research group, at the University of Sydney, shows Australian women rank attaining respect in the workplace as highly as overall job security.


15 Feb 2018

Ministers and Parliamentary Secretaries are entrusted with the conduct of public business and must act in a manner that is consistent with the highest standards of integrity and propriety. The public, quite rightly, has high expectations of them, in terms of their personal conduct and...


1 Dec 2017

This report argues that every organisation has a role to play to support its people who are experiencing domestic and family violence, and create a culture that does not tolerate violence or discrimination and actively promotes gender equality.


Pilot NSW survey: topline report
6 Sep 2017

This study, from the University of Technology Sydney Centre for Local Government, examines employee perceptions of council workplaces in NSW. Approximately 1,500 local government employees responded to the survey in 2016 and 2017.


AOC Independent Cultural Review
24 Aug 2017

This review is a comprehensive document, based on the experiences and perceptions of staff and stakeholders, to frame and assess the Australian Olympic Committee's ethical framework.


10 Jul 2017

This report argues that reform is required to allow for greater flexibility over penalty rates in what is currently a highly centralised system.


15 Jun 2017

Drawing on the latest evidence and experience, this report offers a set of recommendations for how organisations can engage men effectively to achieve gender equality at work.


7 Jun 2017

This report seeks to provide practical steps to deliver fairer workplaces and a more efficient, innovative economy.


1 Mar 2017

A new analysis of Agency data shows that sizeable gender pay gaps persist across the workforce, but that improving gender balance in leadership teams measurably improves pay equity in organisations.

Gender Equity Insights 2017: Inside Australia's Gender Pay Gap , the second in...

Discussion paper

29 Jul 2016

In September 2015, Malcolm Turnbull was elected leader of the Parliamentary Liberal Party, thereby becoming Australia’s twenty-ninth Prime Minister. In his first press conference as Prime Minister, Mr Turnbull pledged that ‘this will be a thoroughly Liberal Government. It will be a thoroughly Liberal Government...

Working paper

10 Jun 2016

Despite some success in recruiting Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people to the Australian Public Service (APS), the long-term trend is one of declining representation. A fundamental issue is that rates of separation among Indigenous public servants remain consistently greater than those of their non-Indigenous...

Journal article

15 May 2016

The quantitative analysis involving a longitudinal study is used where content analysis is undertaken to analyse the extent of CSR disclosures in annual reports. Regression analysis using panel data is used to analyse the potential association between CSR disclosure and five important board diversity measures,...


7 Apr 2016

This Australian Charities Fund (ACF) sponsored report looks at the giving habits of young Australians, to examine their current level of engagement with Workplace Giving Programs (WGPs) and to determine the motivators that could increase their participation in Workplace Giving.

The report indicates young...

Journal article

15 Nov 2015

Organizations might benefit from maintaining relationships with former employees, who could be rehired later or encouraged to refer job applicants and customers. We integrate the management literature on voluntary resignations and the communication literature on relationship dissolution to explore how conversations between an exiting employee...

Draft report

4 Aug 2015

The Productivity Commission invites examination of the draft report, and written submissions by Friday 18 September 2015.

The draft report is a broad-ranging assessment of Australia's workplace relations framework, considering current laws, institutions and practices. It uses an economy-wide approach, looking at possible reforms...


3 Aug 2015

Australian Productivity Commission Chairman Peter Harris presents a talk about the draft recommendations from the Workplace Relations Framework public inquiry.


27 Feb 2015

Executive Summary

This report provides a data profile of Australian businesses using the Australian Workplace Relations Study (AWRS) and the Award Reliance Survey. It presents information on the characteristics and performance of businesses by business size and degree of award reliance and as...

Discussion paper

22 Jan 2015

The Australian Government's objectives in commissioning this Inquiry are to examine the current operation of the Fair Work Laws and identify future options to improve the laws bearing in mind the need to ensure workers are protected and the need for business to be able...



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