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Version 2 updated 14 March 2019
14 Mar 2019

Drawing on biographical narrative interviews with 22 young people, this snapshot presents preliminary findings on young people’s experiences of accessing services after leaving out-of-home care in Australia.


29 Nov 2018

The new work reality

For at least the past century, the prospect of a good job that pays a fair wage has been part of Australia’s promise to our young people. Australia has experienced relatively strong economic growth, high wages and relatively low...


Research summary
10 Jul 2018

Leaving home is a key part of the transition to adulthood. There is evidence in many countries, including Australia, that young people are remaining at home for longer. This paper explores this issue using Australian data, considers factors driving the trend, and implications for young...


1 Feb 2018

This submission is made to provide evidence to the inquiry into the social impact of participation in culture and sport, which seeks to investigate ways in which taking part in the arts, cultural activities and sport can have a positive impact on health, community and...


1 Oct 2017

Young people’s attitudes to walking are generally very positive, with particularly high levels of agreement that walking is healthy (98%), environmentally friendly (97%), and enables independent mobility (78%).

The survey found the most common destinations for young people’s utilitarian walking trips are to access...


7 Jul 2016

This inaugural Australian Youth Development Index (YDI) analyses the state of youth development across the country and changes since 2006. This is part of the Commonwealth Youth Programme initiative to increase focus on youth development through presenting and collecting relevant data. It complements the international...



24 Jun 2016

Aim: To examine the effect of the Police and Citizen Youth Clubs (PCYC) Young Offender program on re-offending.

Method: Young people who were referred to a PCYC Young Offender program in New South Wales (NSW) between 2010 and 2013 were matched (68% of 2,055,...


14 Apr 2016

The People They Make Us Welcome, a new policy paper by the Centre for Multicultural Youth explores how well newly arrived young people are settling by exploring their sense of belonging in the Australian community. Research around young people’s experiences of belonging is limited. Although...


29 Feb 2016

This report explores what helps children and young people with disability and high support needs to feel and be safe in institutional settings.

In January 2013, the Honourable Dame Quentin Bryce, (then) Governor-General, appointed a Royal Commission to inquire into institutional responses to child...


9 Dec 2014

This report finds that older Australians are capturing a growing share of Australia’s wealth, while the wealth of younger Australians has stagnated.


29 Nov 2013

This qualitative research used feminist and phenomenological methods to explore how newly arrived young women (NAYW) aged 19 – 21 years, experience young women’s programs they participated in. Understanding young women’s experiences is important because little academic literature exists about this. With significant numbers of...

Journal article

15 Sep 2013


Obtaining reliable estimates of the extent of child maltreatment in the community is a problem for researchers. Young people are highly desirable participants, albeit difficult to contact, for maltreatment research. Common methods for recruiting representative community samples of young people include classroom...

Journal article

7 Aug 2007

Little academic and policy attention has addressed the `digital divide' among children and young people. This article analyses findings from a national survey of UK 9—19-year-olds that reveal inequalities by age, gender and socioeconomic status in relation to their quality of access to and use...


1 Dec 2001

This 2001 report explores the use of the Internet by same sex attracted young people (SSAY). Internet access is increasing in Australian homes at a rapid rate, with more than 75% of young people under the age of 18 years accessing the Net in 1999....



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