Government procurement


7 May 2019

This guide replaces the Australian National Audit Office’s Developing and Managing Contracts Better Practice Guide . It provides guidance at a practitioner level for Commonwealth officials who manage contracts.

Policy report

Procurement connected policy guidelines
26 Mar 2019

This procurement connected policy outlines the key components of the Commonwealth Government’s policy to increase the integrity of government procurement, as recommended in the Black Economy Taskforce’s final report.

Policy report

A 'Canada Next: 12 ways to get ahead of disruption' report
10 Jan 2019

Canada’s governments are preparing to spend historic amounts on infrastructure. This paper argues that, to avoid creating ‘white elephants’, they should follow six key principles that will help the projects improve the country’s productivity, competitiveness and social equity.


13 Nov 2018

We have a long way to go in closing the gap between Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians.

The Federal government regards economic empowerment as a key way of raising indigenous living standards.

And the Indigenous Procurement Policy (or IPP) is a central plank in...


12 Nov 2018

This report outlines key findings from Stage 1 of a regional scoping and development study on the topic of ‘fulfilling work procurement’, funded by Carnegie UK Trust and undertaken by the Institute for Local Governance (ILG) and North East Child Poverty Commission (NECPC).


8 Oct 2018

The transition from the Collins-class submarines to the future submarine fleet will be more complex than any previous capability transition that Defence has undergone. The submarine enterprise will be in constant transition, rather than completing a short, bounded transition process.

Briefing paper

30 Sep 2018

Governments spend vast amounts of money delivering services to citizens. Through procurement, governments invest in infrastructure and ensure the supply of essential services. In 2017, it was estimated that the New Zealand and Australian public procurement markets had a combined value of $160 billion. While...


20 Sep 2018

This audit assessed whether government agencies realise financial and other benefits through their use of State Purchase Contracts (SPC).


4 Sep 2018

This report recommends that NSW Procurement better understand agencies' business needs and assist them to improve capability and accountability for procurement.


23 Aug 2018

ICAC has released these guidelines to help NSW public sector agencies involved in direct negotiations with external parties to manage corruption risks, but recommends they avoid the practice if possible, due to the high level of those risks.

Policy report

13 Jun 2018

Consult Australia calls on all political parties to ensure that the governments they lead, or support, will behave ethically, fairly, and honestly in their dealings with the private sector. That is, for them to adopt a Model Client Policy, in line with governments’ Model Litigant...

Audio interview

10 Oct 2016

The ACTU is calling for all Australian political parties to support a 'Buy Australian' Act, that would require major government projects and services to use locally manufactured goods, such as steel, iron, clothing and equipment.

A similar 'Buy American' provision was used by the...


30 Aug 2016

The Commissioning Framework is part of an outcome-focused approach. This framework, along with the Mental Health and Wellbeing Outcome Framework, provides national guidance to enable us to measure outcomes that make a real difference for people.

This Commissioning Framework describes a consistent approach to...



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