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Model for planning and controlling the delivery and assembly of engineer-to-order prefabricated building systems: exploring synergies between Lean and BIM

This research proposes a model for planning and controlling the delivery and assembly of engineer-to-order prefabricated building systems, emphasizing the integration between site installation and logistics operations. The main theoretical contribution is a set of approaches to implement the “pull production” and “reduce variability” principles...
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Fact Check: Is Queensland clearing land as fast as Brazil?

The Queensland Greens' website claims land clearing in Queensland is on par with Brazil, with more than 1 million hectares of native bush and forest being cleared over the last four years
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Analysis of the influence of Lean Construction and LEED Certification on the quality of construction sites

Adequate planning of construction sites guarantees better efficiency, productivity, quality on the development of all work activities, optimization of the physical available space, workers' safety and motivation in performing their duties. The objective of this paper is to verify the influence of Lean Construction and...
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Last planner system: Implementation and evaluation with focus on the phase schedule

Phase Schedule is a Last Planner System practice whose role, both from a practical and theoretical point of view, is still being debated in the construction industry. Thus, there is a need for a better understanding of Phase Schedule implementation practices and the impacts of...
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Guidelines to develop a BIM model focused on construction planning and control

Information pulled from 4D simulations may be used to compare construction scenarios as well as to support decision-making in production planning and control. Different projects, software, tools and planning methods result in a diversity of inputs that should be considered while trying to fulfil 4D...
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Guidelines for devising and assessing visual management systems in construction sites

Visual Management (VM) has gained a prominent place in the Lean Production Philosophy, and is strongly connected to the core principle of increasing process transparency. However, the use of VM in construction sites is still relatively limited, and there is not much literature on the...
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Analysis and assessment for lean construction adoption: The DOLC tool

Construction companies have difficulties to measure the performance of their efforts regarding the use and application of the Lean Construction philosophy. To serve as support for this development, a tool called DOLC was created to analyze and assess the degree of Lean Construction of a...
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A lean approach to improve productivity in a coke oven refurbishment project: A case study

This paper presents a 3-phased Lean Construction Project (LCP) implemented in a specialized and integrated service company. The purpose of the LCP was to increase productivity and to re-structure Production Planning and Control routines. It was undertaken by a group of internal and external consultants...
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Value-adding activities level in Brazilian infrastructure construction companies - 9 cases study

This paper presents an approach to answer the question of what is the level of value adding activities that infrastructure projects usually operates. Considering the Lean Construction concepts, waste definitions and Value Stream Mapping, added to an Operational Excellence perspective, the paper bring the result...
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Standardized work: Practical examples in a Brazilian construction company

Standardized Work, Heijunka and Kaizen are the basis of the Toyota Production System (TPS) model and provide stability to its pillars. As many tools adapted to Lean Construction, the Standardized Work can also be applied in AEC Industry to increase productivity, reduce waste and define...