Kyoto Protocol

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13 Jan 2020

A report released last month by the Department of the Environment and Energy shows that Australia’s greenhouse gas emissions in 2020 are estimated to be just 1.6% below their 2000 level. This means that, come June (when the 2020 fiscal year ends), we will have...


19 Dec 2019

This report provides detail on emissions trends, including sector specific analysis of factors driving emissions. The report estimates the emissions reduction effort required to meet Australia’s emissions reduction targets.


25 Feb 2019

The Australian government’s climate “canter” relies on a sleight of hand that dates back to the 1997 climate talks in Japan.


23 Apr 2009

The Clean Development Mechanism is an avenue for industrialised countries to undertake carbon abatement projects in developing countries. This Background Note provides information on the CDM and its associated emissions credits.

The mechanism is an element of the Kyoto Protocol to the United Nations...



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