Risk assessment


9 Oct 2019

The results of this study provide further, albeit tentative, support for the importance of accounting for police and other short-term responses when measuring the accuracy of domestic violence (DV) risk assessment tools.


16 Aug 2019

This report investigates the reasons behind the increase in the number of people being denied bail and detained in prison in Victoria. Through a comparison of bail laws and their associated parliamentary debates in Victoria in 1977 and 2017–18, it analyses how risk has been...


15 Jul 2019

This report aims to enhance and improve the level of publicly available information of TEQSA’s risk assessments, with a view to articulate the risk analysis process and risk findings in further detail to the sector.

Discussion paper

15 Jul 2019

The current RAF has been in place since 2014, so it is timely to call for a review and consider ways in which the RAF could be improved upon to ensure that it continues to effectively and comprehensively reflect the nature and operation of higher...


3 Jun 2019

This document presents a comprehensive analysis of future climate risk undertaken for a natural hazard risk assessment in Queensland. It is underpinned by a robust scientific basis, enabling all stakeholders, including state agencies, disaster management groups, infrastructure owners and town planners, to understand, plan for,...


29 May 2019

This report argues that risk informed decision-making needs to be integrated into all levels of planning and delivery, from the development of NGO programming to government plans and the policies of international donor agencies, in order reduce multiple risks and avoid risk creation in development....


14th Edition
16 Jan 2019

The world is facing a growing number of complex and interconnected challenges - from climate change and slowing global growth to economic inequality. This report provides an opportunity to identify priority areas for action in 2019.


15 Nov 2018

This project sought to understand the impact of this Child-At-Risk (CAR) electronic Medical Record (eMR) alert information sharing system on outcomes for women and children. This included understanding how staff responded to seeing Child-At-Risk alerts on a client’s eMR, the practices that were carried out...


27 Jul 2018

The National Risk Assessment Principles for domestic and family violence provide an overarching national understanding of risk and managing risk in the area of domestic and family violence. They provide a guide for jurisdictions in developing, revising or evaluating risk assessment frameworks, tools and resources...


Paper presented to Governance and Risk Management Forum, Brisbane, Australia, 7-8 June 2018
8 Jun 2018

This presentation provides a toolbox of five tools for organisations to start their climate change related strategy, financial disclosure and risk management. The toolbox was presented to the Governance and Risk Management Forum in Brisbane on the 8th June 2018.


29 Apr 2018

This report outlines the case for the Australian government to be held accountable for the negligent decision to lend AU$500 million of taxpayer's money to the PNG-LNG project.


19 Jan 2018

This report examines the incidence of suicide among serving and ex-serving Australian Defence Force personnel in 2001–2015, and identifies characteristics that may be associated with suicide risk.


13th Edition
17 Jan 2018

The Global Risks Report 2018 is published at a time of encouraging headline global growth. Any breathing space this offers to leaders should not be squandered: the urgency of facing up to systemic challenges has intensified over the past year amid proliferating signs of uncertainty,...


How COBRA Works
1 Sep 2017

This document goes over how the Co-Benefits Risk Assessment (COBRA) model works by quantifying changes in air quality, calculating change in health outcomes, and calculating monetary values. COBRA is a peer reviewed screening tool that inexpensively and quickly establishes the air quality, human health, and...


12th edition
11 Jan 2017

This report highlights the most significant long-term risks worldwide, drawing on the perspectives of experts and global decision-makers.

Journal article

12 Dec 2016


Policymakers are interested in early-years interventions to ameliorate childhood risks. They hope for improved adult outcomes in the long run that bring a return on investment. The size of the return that can be expected partly depends on how strongly childhood risks...


Discussion paper

22 Jun 2016

A public health approach aims to prevent or reduce a particular illness or social problem in a population by identifying risk indicators. It is an approach that aims to prevent problems occurring in the first place, quickly respond to problems if they do occur, and...

Briefing paper

30 May 2016

Prior research has identified that a number of factors are associated with an increased risk of recidivism amongst perpetrators of domestic violence and that the risk assessment tools currently available have limited statistical capacity to accurately predict recidivism. In Victoria, police complete a risk assessment...

Journal article

10 May 2016

In the last few years, predictive risk modelling has been suggested for use in the child welfare environment as an efficient means of targeting preventive resources and improving practitioner decision-making. First raised in the green paper on vulnerable children, then translated into the white paper...

Working paper

13 Apr 2016

Ultimately, risk reduction from the implementation of building codesis due to not only the extent of the code as it applies to new construction, but also from the intensity of local adoption and enforcement. It is normally an open question as to how well a...



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