Foster care


Systemic inquiry into the lived experience of children and young people in the Victorian out-of-home care system
27 Nov 2019

This inquiry spoke with more than 200 children and young people in or with experience of kinship, foster and residential care in Victoria. Their voices shape the 43 findings and 17 recommendations that this report makes to the Victorian government.


21 Nov 2019

This report makes the economic case for additional, long‑term investment in targeted early intervention and intensive family preservation to prevent children entering out‑of‑home care in Victoria.

Briefing paper

10 Sep 2019

This brief presents an analysis of children who were reported to the NSW child protection system in 2016–2017 as being at risk of significant harm (ROSH), and had at least one teenage parent at the time of the report. The data analysed was from the...


4 Jul 2018

Recent research into the pressures on the out-of-home care (OOHC) system concluded that there was a limited amount of research driven by the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community itself, which indicates that Indigenous voices are not being adequately captured. This silencing means that the...

Briefing paper

1 Mar 2017

The ICPS Research to Practice Series links the findings of research undertaken by the Institute of Child Protection Studies, Australian Catholic University, to the development of policy and practice in the area of child, youth and family welfare.

This issue explores what works to...

Literature review

1 Dec 2016

This report aims to review the literature available on what works to help people to make the complicated choice to become a home-based carer, and on the evidence regarding retention of these carers for children in out-of-home care.

Databases and sources of grey literature...



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