Discussion paper

15 Feb 2018

Food Standards Australia New Zealand (FSANZ) is undertaking a review of the Australia New Zealand Food Standards Code (the Code) to consider its application to the food products of new breeding techniques (NBTs). The purpose of this consultation paper is to seek views from a...


14 Apr 2014

The study of human demographic history in the Pacific is currently entering a new era. New sequencing technologies, improved techniques to retrieve DNA from subfossil remains and new data analysis approaches will most likely revolutionize our understanding of this complex human achievement. Enabled by these...

Journal article

1 Feb 2012

This research aimed to determine those factors important in determining the public’s intention to donate a biological sample to a publicly funded biobank, and allow that sample to be linked with medical records.

Journal article

16 May 2006

Within the recombinant DNA debate, a formative categorisation of gene technology has occurred by which matters of concern must be separated into either those that belong to nature or those that belong to society. With reference to the work of Ulrich Beck and Bruno Latour,...

Journal article

20 May 2005

This paper investigates the risks and benefits associated with the use of genetic testing by agents outside the boundaries of the medical sphere and for reasons other than providing health care. Section one considers the actual and potential use of genetic testing by employers, insurance...



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