food policy


10 Jan 2019

This paper considers the structural changes to food production, transport, manufacturing and consumption that Brexit will bring about in the UK. It discusses the potential for reformulating food policy.

Journal article

7 Dec 2017

This study looks at the impact awareness about links between obesity and cancer have on public support for food policy initiatives, like better labeling or taxes on unhealthy foods.


16 Nov 2017

The National Food Waste Strategy provides a framework to support collective action towards halving Australia’s food waste by 2030.

The strategy contributes toward global action on reducing food waste by aligning with Sustainable Development Goal 12—ensure sustainable consumption and production patterns—in the United Nations...

Conference paper

1 Dec 2013

There is increasing concern that pressures on the global food system present a major threat to human and environmental health, but that awareness of ecological challenges is not being translated into social and political action of the degree and type needed to address them. This...



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