U.S foreign policy


10 Oct 2019

A region long paid little attention by Washington, it is now arguable that the South Pacific has the potential to morph into the next theatre of strategic competition between China and the United States, aided by Australia, New Zealand, Taiwan and Japan.


3 Oct 2019

This paper assesses the changing dynamics in the US-Iran relationship, the crisis in the Persian Gulf, the importance of Iran to India and how the US-Iran situation is affecting Indian interests.


1 Oct 2019

This paper argues that contrary to the belief that President Trump and some of his advisers hold, a war with Iran will not be quick and surgical, or end in a matter of days. Nor will Iran absorb any attack without conducting devastating counterstrikes against...

Draft report

An experimental assessment
1 Oct 2019

This report is an experimental net assessment that addresses China's emergence as a global superpower, and its competition with the United States.


12 Sep 2019

The Democratic Party is adopting a tougher approach to China and moving left on many issues of great consequence to Australia, including trade and defence spending. This report suggests that Australia will likely face more difficult decisions hedging between Washington and Beijing, regardless of which...


20 Aug 2019

With careful thought and skilful diplomacy, Australia can navigate its way through the US–China confrontation, writes Paul Barratt.


19 Aug 2019

This report argues that America no longer enjoys military primacy in the Indo-Pacific and its capacity to uphold a favourable balance of power is increasingly uncertain. It suggests that a strategy of collective defence is fast becoming necessary as a way of offsetting shortfalls in...

Briefing paper

5 Aug 2019

There is growing concern about Iranian threats to Persian Gulf countries, particularly Saudi Arabia. This briefing paper assesses the Iranian threat to Saudi Arabia by answering several questions. What types of strategies, tactics, and capabilities could Iran use against Saudi Arabia? What are potential critical...


30 Jul 2019

The military and economic rise of China has seen tensions between Beijing, Washington and Canberra play out in the South-West Pacific region.


24 Jul 2019

China’s National Defense in the New Era flags the fact that America and China are now competing superpowers, and that China’s growing military forces are developing to the point where they will be able to challenge the United States.


23 Jul 2019

This paper argues that China’s rise, coupled with the established influence of the U.S in the South-West Pacific, could see the region become yet another proxy battlefield in the two antagonists’ power-plays.

Briefing paper

16 Jul 2019

China’s economic and technological emergence and the leadership’s reversion to a state-dominated economic strategy have been the focal point of much U.S. policy debate.


25 Jun 2019

The outlines of a trade deal between the United States and China are there. But without a return to the negotiating table, the dispute could rapidly escalate, magnifying the damage to world growth.


20 Jun 2019

This paper argues that the Trump Administration’s Middle East policy has been significantly weakened by the inability of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to form a government, and the Arab, Muslim and Gulf Co-operation Council insistence on a “two-state” solution.


13 Jun 2019

The US-Australia alliance has been indispensable for more than seven decades, but it has also always been a work in progress. In the present environment, both Australia and the United States are confronting an increasingly assertive China, which is bringing new challenges to the alliance....


16 Apr 2019

This paper argues that like the Bush Administration with Iraq, the Trump Administration appears to have given little or no strategic thought to the future of Iran beyond any possible removal of the clerical regime.

Briefing paper

7 Mar 2019

This paper argues that from Australia’s perspective, the U.S Congress will on some issues be a useful supporter of ‘status quo’ positions and robust U.S engagement and leadership in Asia. On many others, Congress will be slow-moving, infuriating or downright depressing in its impact on...


13 Nov 2018

Lowy Institute Executive Director, Dr Michael Fullilove, reflects on the Trump Administration, the effect of the midterms on US foreign policy and what this means for Australia and the world order.


16 Nov 2016

Relations between Washington and Beijing are likely to face major change once Donald Trump takes over the White House. This DIIS Policy Brief by Andreas Bøje Forsby offers an overview of US-China relations and how they are likely to develop with Donald Trump in the...


22 Jun 2016

Forging an effective U.S strategy in Southeast Asia starts with understanding the region from the inside out. Only with deep knowledge of the goals, perceptions, hopes, and intentions of Southeast Asian countries themselves can Washington craft policies that further U.S national interests, help stabilise the...



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