Energy efficiency measures

Technical report

9 Jan 2019

In 2017, New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) developed its 2016 Stretch Code Supplement to the 2016 New York State Energy Conservation Construction Code. Since 2017, NYSERDA has continued to develop the 2018 edition, as part of the efforts to achieve a...


18 Sep 2018

Greening our buildings is at the heart of our ght against climate change. Greener, more energy efficient buildings can also help to reduce the exposure to risk for property owners and the banks that nance them. Energy efficient mortgages can therefore be a powerful tool...


4 Jul 2018

Fuel poverty is a fact of life for 2.5 million households across England. At its worst, fuel poverty can contribute to premature winter deaths – around 10,000 deaths in 2016–2017 were related to cold homes.


Buildings: Session 8 (Energy Efficiency Training Week, Paris 2018)
17 May 2018

The presentation guide policymakers on the fundamentals of how to evaluate both energy and non-energy benefits (the multiple benefits) of energy efficiency for buildings. Previous case studies that have been completed were compared to evaluate the monetised value of energy efficiency measures using numerous categories...


14 Jun 2017

This handbook has been developed in close consultation with experts from across Australia's energy sector and provides state and federal governments with a detailed plan and evidence-based recommendations for driving change in energy efficiency across all sectors of the Australian economy.

Conference paper

22 Nov 2016

Purpose / Context – Energy efficiency measures/ private home-owners/ decision process

Methodology / Approach –Explorative research/ qualitative interviews/ content analysis

Results – Decisions towards energetic renovation measures can be characterized as a strategic consumer decision rather than the often assumed purely investment decision....

Discussion paper

14 Apr 2016

Various policies targeting at building energy efficiency have been promulgated by the Chinese government in the past decade. However, few studies evaluate if China is on the right path to meet its energy goals through these policies by providing an assessment of their effect in...

Journal article

7 Mar 2016

The United States (US) Clean Power Plan established state-specific carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions reduction goals for fossil fuel-fired electricity generating units (EGUs). States may achieve these goals through multiple mechanisms, including measures that can achieve equivalent CO2 reductions such as residential energy efficiency, which will...



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