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11 Jan 2019

The 2018 GOS was primarily conducted as a national online survey among 102 higher education institutions including all 41 Table A and B universities and 61 Non-University Higher Education Institutions (NUHEIs). A total of 120,564 valid survey responses were collected across all study levels, representing...


Medium-term graduate outcomes
2 Nov 2018

The 2018 Graduate Outcomes Survey – Longitudinal (GOS-L) measures the medium-term outcomes of higher education graduates based on a cohort analysis of graduates who responded to the 2015 Australian Graduate Survey (AGS).


11 Jan 2018

This survey report indicates that while there was a shift to full-time employment among undergraduates in 2017, over the longer term there has been a pronounced trend towards part-time employment among graduates, in part, reflecting trends among the wider workforce.


9 Oct 2017

The Professional Engineers Employment and Remuneration Report published by Professionals Australia is the most comprehensive, up-to-date guide of Engineer salaries and remuneration available in Australia.


16 Feb 2017

The latest official figures show the unemployment rate fell slightly in January to 5.7 per cent. A surge in Australians landing part time work, more than made up a big slump in full-time work.

Social researchers say the trend to part-time work is placing...

Working paper

21 Oct 2016

Surveys have errors. Tax data errors are rare, but they still matter.

This paper analyses measurement error in the classification of employment. We show that the true employment rate and time-invariant error rates can be identified, given access to two measures of employment with...



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