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15 Nov 2018

This paper examines the impacts of the flagship of the sharing economy—Uber—on workers employed in conventional taxi services.


26 Jun 2018

This research report uses interviews with over 100 domestic and ridehailing platform workers in major U.S. cities to reveal how technology is reshaping the future of labor.


Smarter people and better governance: how citizens' collective intelligence can guide better decision making
1 Jun 2018

Quality of growth has been the mantra this year, underscoring the profound transformation that is taking place in the Chinese economy in terms of how it should be managed. At a macro level, a slower growth rate is necessary but not sufficient for mitigating financial...


23 Mar 2017

This report looks at the ‘new economy,’ (peer-to-peer markets) - specifically, ride-sharing services, and outlines options for regulation and taxi industry compensation.


Ridesharing services are operating without licences and without being subject to regulation in Victoria.

Ride sourcing services can be...


26 Jan 2017

The growth of the Online Platform Economy (OPE) has been contributing to the changing nature of work. Is this marketplace building momentum towards systemic change in the labor force, or will it remain a small market for supplementary income? In previous work we highlighted that...


20 Jul 2016

There is a lack of publicly accessible evidence to support the argument that compensation should be paid. Governments should release modelling that justifies their decision to compensate.

Consumers should know who is being compensated. There is a lack of publicly accessible date on licence...

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1 Oct 2014

The British Insurance Brokers’ Association (BIBA) and DAC Beachcroft have launched an insurance guide to the sharing economy which aims to help overcome the insurance barriers that sharing businesses and individuals have faced when sharing items or skills such as car journeys, renting properties or...



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