Infrastructure funding


6 Feb 2019

This study into the role of social housing as essential infrastructure assessed evaluation tools and techniques needed to enable investment by government. Cost-benefit analyses and business case preparation provide a means to quantify productivity, while the broader range of societal outcomes also needs to be...


25 Jan 2019

Cross-border infrastructure is critical for the development of the Indo-Pacific region. Yet, this paper argues, while intergovernmental economic agreements are in place to assist, the process is hampered by the lack of physical infrastructure needed to connect economies.

Policy report

A 'Canada Next: 12 ways to get ahead of disruption' report
10 Jan 2019

Canada’s governments are preparing to spend historic amounts on infrastructure. This paper argues that, to avoid creating ‘white elephants’, they should follow six key principles that will help the projects improve the country’s productivity, competitiveness and social equity.

Journal article

27 Aug 2018

The increasing responsibility of the local government sector to provide and maintain a range of infrastructure is threatening its financial sustainability. The ‘development contributions’ system is one measure adopted by local government in Victoria, Australia to assist in the funding of infrastructure required as a...


12 Oct 2017

This paper presents rare insight as to what practical interventions can be delivered today and in the longer-term to achieve a better bang for our buck from our infrastructure spend.


9 May 2017

Outstanding science and research is a critical foundation of an innovative and prosperous modern society. Globally competitive research depends on access to first-class research equipment, systems and services, collectively referred to as research infrastructure.

Australia today is the beneficiary of internationally recognised and highly...

Discussion paper

16 Nov 2016

The purpose of this paper is to outline a range of value capture approaches, and seek feedback on how the Australian Government could use its various policy and funding levers to stimulate the use of value capture in the development and delivery of transport infrastructure....

Discussion paper

13 Oct 2016

This paper outlines the options, challenges and opportunities for implementing value capture in Victoria, including opportunities that arise from both infrastructure investment and planning changes. If you are interested in understanding more about using value capture to help fund infrastructure in Victoria, this paper will...


27 Aug 2015

In August 2014, the Australian government commissioned KPMG to undertake an independent review of the 27 research infrastructure projects funded under the National Collaborative Research Infrastructure Strategy (NCRIS) 2013. The NCRIS projects were assessed and rated across their governance, effectiveness, efficiency, integration, financial management and...

Conference paper

3 Sep 2014

The combined challenges of climate change, finite resources, population growth and aging infrastructure demand a shift toward more resource-efficient, low-carbon sustainable cities. This may be achieved through new forms of eco-infrastructure delivered at the district scale. Despite considerable success in numerous demonstration projects globally, such...



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