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24 Jun 2019

Academic analysis shows it will be impossible for a global population of 10 billion to consume the amount and type of protein typical of current diets in North America and Europe if we want to achieve the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). This paper identifies...


Tracking Behind the Brands sustainability commitments through the supply chain with the ‘agribusiness scorecard’
4 Mar 2019

Oxfam's 'Behind the Brands' campaign focused on sustainability policies of the ten biggest food and beverage companies globally. This report examines the performance of seven agribusinesses against the same scorecard.


19 Feb 2019

Plant-based ‘meat’ and ‘lab-grown’ meat may help to tackle the unsustainability of the livestock sector. Focusing on the EU, this paper explores the challenges of scaling up production and generating demand for such meat analogues.


18 Oct 2017

This report highlights the meat industry’s strong economic credentials and cultural value to Australian consumers.


12 Sep 2017

This report focuses on several issues of primary concern to meat industry stakeholders, including price transparency and accountability across the industry, greater producer representation and mechanisms for independent grading.


30 Oct 2013

The Australian Feral Camel Management Project addressed the urgent need to significantly reduce feral camel densities to lessen their impacts in remote Australia on biodiversity, wetlands, waterholes and sites of cultural value to Aboriginal people, infrastructure (fences, houses, cars) and personal safety.

Feral camels...



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