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1 Apr 2019

The fourth edition of this biennial report continues to be the only report collating results from the market studies of regional sustainable investment forums from Europe, the United States, Japan, Canada, and Australia and New Zealand. It provides a snapshot of sustainable investing in these...


Quantifying the bottom line of improved productivity, retention, and wellness
1 Oct 2018

The business case for High Performance Buildings (HPBs) traditionally cites energy savings and increased asset value as the most appealing incentives. But another – and arguably greater – form of enhanced value creation that comes through HPBs is rarely discussed: HPBs benefit the people who...


Using incentives to drive a new era of infrastructure reform
4 Jun 2018

This economic modelling, released by Infrastructure Australia, shows that introducing incentive payments to encourage the states and territories to progress nation-shaping infrastructure reforms could boost the economy by $66 billion and deliver better infrastructure for our growing cities and regions.

Technical report

4 Jun 2018

In February 2016, Infrastructure Australia (IA) presented its Australian Infrastructure Plan to the Australian Government, detailing the economic impact of proposed policy reforms through changes to gross domestic product (GDP), GDP per capita and GDP per household. As an input into the Australian Infrastructure Plan,...


14 May 2018

Australian businesses are taking back control of their electricity bills by investing in renewable energy, storage, energy efficiency or demand management. Renewable energy is one solution for businesses to address high electricity and gas prices, while also reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Discussion paper

9 May 2018

This paper examines the distribution of borrowing rates paid by companies, and the relationship between corporate borrowing rates and fixed capital investment, using a unique hand-collected dataset.


12 Oct 2017

This paper presents rare insight as to what practical interventions can be delivered today and in the longer-term to achieve a better bang for our buck from our infrastructure spend.


24 Mar 2017

The Global Sustainable Investment Alliance (GSIA) is pleased to release the Global Sustainable Investment Review 2016, the third edition of this biennial report. This review continues to be the only report collating results from the market studies of regional sustainable investment forums from Europe, the...

Discussion paper



20 Jun 2016

This document sets out AVCAL’s views on how government and industry can work together to ensure that Australia retains and nurtures its promising entrepreneurs and businesses. In a globalised economy where capital and labour is increasingly mobile, and the rate of technological change rapid, it...


23 Feb 2015

This review provides an update to the inaugural 2012 edition, which presented the first high-level view of sustainable investment worldwide.

Discussion paper

15 Dec 2013

This Noetic Note presents what Noetic has observed and learned in the process of developing and implementing investment management.


27 Jan 2013

This report provides a high-level view of sustainable investment worldwide.



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