Healthy ageing

Discussion paper

12 Jul 2018

In many regards, it’s never been better time to be an older person in Victoria. Statistically people are living longer, in large part thanks to improved public health outcomes and medical advancements.

Discussion paper

29 Jun 2018

The population is getting older. The next generation of older people will live longer, be healthier, more skilled and more educated. They are much more likely to remain in the workforce – and to want to. This discussion document has been released seeking community input...

Discussion paper

13 Mar 2018

Conversations for Change is the Old Colonists’ Association of Victoria’s contribution to thought leadership about ageing in Victoria.

Each Conversation will focus on a different topic relevant to ageing and older people in our community. The initiative is a central platform in our...

Fact sheet

25 Feb 2018

This fact sheet examines some of the most notable ageing indices, their stated purposes, methodologies and results.

Policy report

3 Jul 2017

Australia needs to embrace digital health technologies and focus on data integration and standardisation.

Journal article

3 Jun 2016

Included in this edition is the outcome document of the FECCA-National Ageing Research Institute National Roundtable, which provides results of the discussion that will inform the development of the research strategy and a plan of action.



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