wages growth

Briefing paper

15 May 2019

This analysis of income tax data confirms a dramatic slowdown in Australian wages in recent years – and the slowdown is worse than previous statistics indicated.


9 Apr 2019

This paper pulls together the various sources of data available for wage growth in Australia and examines the reasons offered for slowing in wage growth provided by a range of organisations.

Discussion paper

2 Apr 2019

This paper concludes that trends in unionisation rates are unlikely to have contributed materially to the decline in wages growth in recent years. It is important to note that this conclusion is limited to only the most direct channel in which unions influence wages -...


14 Mar 2018

Each year the Fair Work Commission is presented with submissions that are used to determine the minimum wage of millions of Australian workers. The submissions presented to the Fair Work Commission however, are largely based on vested interests with powerful unions and business advocacy groups...

Briefing paper

30 Jan 2018

This resource outlines how, across the national economy, work stoppages have become extremely rare – and the extraordinary discretionary ability of industrial authorities to restrict or prevent industrial action is an important reason why.


9 Oct 2017

The Professional Engineers Employment and Remuneration Report published by Professionals Australia is the most comprehensive, up-to-date guide of Engineer salaries and remuneration available in Australia.



10 Aug 2016

The Reserve Bank of Australia, like central bankers around the world, is sailing in uncharted waters. In its recent Monetary Policy Report the RBA acknowledged inflation will not likely recover to its target range (between 2 and 3 per cent) until 2019, despite record-low interest...



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