Public sector innovation


19 Mar 2019

This report reflects what the Australian Public Service (APS) Review Panel has learned from their initial investigations and what changes the panel believes are needed to build an APS that is fit for the future.


An ANZSOG research paper for the Australian Public Service Review Panel
15 Mar 2019

This paper discusses the evaluation capacity and capability of the APS and how it can adopt a sustained approach to learning from successes and failures. It outlines the need for a cultural shift and an institutional framework that embeds the strategic importance and processes of...


Attracting and retaining a highly skilled, diverse workforce to support the Government of Canada’s digital strategy
8 Mar 2019

Canada’s public service has charted an ambitious and comprehensive information management and technology strategy, and talent is one of its pillars. This report argues that leveraging diverse, inclusive, tolerant and supportive work environments can help attract the talent that the Government of Canada needs to...


Alf Rattigan Lecture 2018
26 Nov 2018

Few within government would deny that evidence-based policy-making is important to achieving good outcomes. Australia’s history provides ample support for that. But it is also apparent that practice over the past decade has fallen short of the ideals espoused.


24 Sep 2018

In 2015, Rosie Batty was made Australian of the Year for her outspoken advocacy on behalf of the victims of domestic violence. Her leadership galvanized a national conversation, and in August 2015 the Tasmanian Government pledged over $25 million for a new statewide action plan...

Discussion paper

15 Jun 2018

Governments around the world know they must transform the services they provide if they are to be able to deliver for citizens. Aging populations are putting huge pressure on health and social services, education systems need to equip young people with the skills for a...

Blog post

8 May 2018

Governments keep saying they will ‘work with’ Indigenous interests. But they struggle to do so – not just politically, but administratively as well. Using boundary spanning methods will help, but can existing public servants make the transition?


How network thinking can help us record, find and use what we need
18 Apr 2018

This report sets out how the public sector could benefit from a federated, data-driven approach - one that provides greater power to its leaders, benefits its participants and users, and improves performance through better use of, and structured access to, data.


17 Apr 2018

This report, based on a survey of public sector innovation (PSI) units in Australia and New Zealand undertaken in February 2018, suggests that the actual number of PSI units worldwide may be significantly higher than previously thought.


16 Apr 2018

Three years ago, the Chilean government launched Laboratorio de Gobiernowith a strategic priority to build innovation capacity and enable innovation in Chile’s public sector. As part of this, the lab developed a practice-based capacity building programme called Experimenta.

Journal article

12 Feb 2018

The story of LEGO's brand resurgence, and others like it about open innovation, have important implications for implementation of strategy in the public sector.


11 Feb 2018

In this annual overview of global government innovation, the OECD warns that the public sector will need a 'major course correction' to come to terms with the uncertainty posed by globalisation, rising inequality and disruptive technologies. The report argues that current government infrastructure is not...


16 Nov 2017

This report looks globally for innovative approaches that can serve as a resource for policymakers to meet emerging challenges in a highly contested public policy landscape.

Other text

27 Jul 2017

Amidst all the enthusiasm for 'innovation,' there is only limited understanding of what makes governments innovative. What factors support public sector innovation?


10 Jun 2017

Governments are turning to public sector innovation labs to take new approaches to policy and service design.


A year of speeches from public service leaders
16 May 2017

This book is a thought leadership piece, intended to encourage debate and discussion in the workplace around excellence in public administration in Australia.

Journal article

30 Nov 2016

This article addresses the evolution of New Zealand's capital city, Wellington over the last three decades, both in terms of its growth into digital and cultural markets but also the way in which it has been driven by New Public Management sensibilities.



Making change within government is not easy. Our research interviewed over 150 people working across all tiers of government across Australia. As result, Hacking the Bureaucracy provides an overview to what innovation is taking place inside government and the steps and best practices that motivated...



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