digital inequality


Te Mahere mō te Whakaurunga Matihiko
3 May 2019

The Digital Inclusion Blueprint lays out the government's vision for digital inclusion in New Zealand, the role it will play and steps it will take toward realising this vision.

Journal article

22 Oct 2016

Uber manages a large, disaggregated workforce through its ridehail platform, one that delivers a relatively standardized experience to passengers while simultaneously promoting its drivers as entrepreneurs whose work is characterized by freedom, flexibility, and independence. Through a nine-month empirical study of Uber driver experiences, we...


12 Mar 2010

In the US, over 100 million individuals representing over 40 million households do not use broadband because they cannot access it, cannot afford it, do not know how to use it, or are not aware of its benefits. This “digital divide” is costly...



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