16 Oct 2019

The compounding effects of climate change and rapid urbanisation cause cities to heat up. The communities of Campbelltown City in the southern region of the Greater Sydney Basin already experience extreme summer temperatures and heatwave conditions. Until now, the magnitude of air temperature variation in...


18 Sep 2019

This report examines microclimatic variation across the LGA of Cumberland Council, New South Wales. During the summer of 2018/19, more than 1.4 million individual measurements of air temperature were recorded at 97 locations in and around the LGA. Our data analyses revealed that communities living...


8 Aug 2019

The compounding effects of climate change and rapid urbanisation cause cities to heat up. The City of Parramatta in the central region of the Greater Sydney Basin already experiences extreme summer temperatures and heatwave conditions on an annual basis. This report describes microclimate across the...


10 May 2019

The present study is aiming to pre-design and optimize a smart climatic street in Parramatta, named Phillip st., exhibiting high climatic, environmental, and energy performance.

The specific objective of the study is to propose, investigate, and optimize the combination of advanced thermal mitigation and...


8 May 2019

Overheating of cities is causing serious energy, environmental and health problems and it has a serious impact on the whole economic and cultural life of cities. To counterbalance the impact of high urban temperatures several mitigation technologies have been proposed, developed and implemented. Monitoring of...


12 Jul 2018


Climate change is set to significantly impact cities and those who live and work within them. This chapter reviews the changing climate in Australia and its consequent role in the transformation of Australian cities with emphasis on the impact to the built...

Journal article

23 May 2017

Australian cities are experiencing more heat stress in the 21st century than ever before. Public life in a majority of Australian cities suffer from heat stress in urban heat islands. This paper presents the concept of spatial heat resilience as the capability of the built...

Journal article

23 May 2017

This paper describes ground-based thermal infrared (TIR) data collection and the development of a multivariate regression model to predict brightness surface temperature from thermal images. The statistical model estimates surface temperature regressed against thermal image red, green and blue (RGB) values with high predictive strength...

Journal article

23 May 2017

This paper presents a methodological framework for a more accurate assessment of the thermal performance of green infrastructure (GI) using a combination of airborne remote sensing, field measurements and numerical modelling. The proposed framework consists of: (a) controlling intervening variables and classifying sites according to...

Conference paper

22 Nov 2016

Purpose / Context - The purpose of this study was to develop a prevention strategy against fungal attack in any residential building, which had been previously proposed and applied to conserve cultural assets using a fungal index. The strategy consisted of four stages: current status...



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