Discussion paper

15 Feb 2019

The federal government is investing $90 billion in continuous naval shipbuilding, a longterm plan to create economic growth and thousands of jobs for generations to come. This discussion paper provides an overview of the workforce needs of the national naval shipbuilding enterprise and where the...

Policy report

17 Jan 2019

This paper analyzes the largest and most expensive procurement projects undertaken by either country, Canada’s $73 billion (estimated) National Shipbuilding Strategy (NSS), launched in 2010, and Australia’s A$90 billion Naval Shipbuilding Plan (NSP), launched in 2017. Each project represents an attempt to implement a rational,...


28 Jun 2018

National planning is vitally important for Australia's naval shipbuilding industry to sustain and consolidate its sovereign capability. The release of the naval shipbuilding plan attempted to formalise a long-term plan for the industry. However, further work is required to provide a more comprehensive and holistic...


21 May 2018

The federal government is close to making a decision on the $35 billion Future Frigate program. This paper sets out the issues the government will be taking into account and assesses each of the contenders against antisubmarine performance, project risk, industrial strategy and cost.


14 May 2018

The objective of the audit was to assess the effectiveness to date of the Department of Defence's planning for the mobilisation of its continuous shipbuilding programs in Australia.


20 Feb 2018

This report highlights the strengths of the Australian shipbuilding industry in creating new export opportunities in the rapidly growing global maritime manufacturing market.


16 May 2017

This resource outlines the Turnbull Government’s vision for the Australian naval shipbuilding enterprise and the significant investment required in coming decades.


13 Jul 2015

This paper reviews the past performance of Australian naval shipbuilding, describes the pros and cons of a rolling production model, and unpicks the issues that the government will have to take into account. It concludes that we’re likely to see a bigger surface navy—potentially a...



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