Private rental literature review


15 Oct 2014

This report presents information on trends and issues in housing policy, housing affordability and housing assistance provided to populations with special needs.


Secure and affordable housing is fundamental to the wellbeing of Australians. It provides a platform for a range of...


12 Mar 2014

Despite the plethora of rental research, a significant gap remains in understanding the relationship between rental housing and 'transport disadvantage'. This project analyses the changing spatial concentration of lower-income renter households in Melbourne and Sydney and connects this with changes in transport opportunity.


8 Nov 2013

This report looks at trends in housing and housing assistance provided by governments in Australia in 2012-13.


Having a safe place to live is important to all Australians. Stable and secure housing contributes to a range of essential benefits including shelter,...


5 Dec 2012

This report examines housing assistance in the government, not-for-profit and private sector segments in Australia in 2011-12.

It examines allocation and waiting lists for social housing, overcrowding and housing affordability, and demonstrates that while the number of social housing dwellings has increased...


17 Jan 2011

Gentrification raises concerns about segregation, social mix and sustainability issues for Australian cities. This report examines the process and its impact.

The report looks at three main questions:

How much gentrification has actually taken place over the last decade and how...


26 Feb 2009

This report presents the findings that have emerged out of the second AHURI funded National Research Venture (NRV2), 21st century housing careers and Australia's housing future. The report identifies the major drivers of housing careers in Australia in the first part of the 21st century,...


22 Apr 2008

This publication reports on Commonwealth State Housing Agreement private rent assistance. It presents the data items and performance indicators collected to meet the requirements of the CSHA national performance reporting framework.As in previous years: Housing assistance is provided under the 2003 Commonwealth State Housing Agreement...


23 Feb 2008

This report provides an overview of the types, extent and benefits of government assistance available to homeowners and renters as well as to people experiencing homelessness, and to specific population groups.Housing assistance helps people meet their basic human need for shelter and security and can...


15 Nov 2006

his positioning paper explores the implications of loss of a partner for private renters aged 50 years and over. It focuses on renters rather than owners as the housing circumstances of renters are considered more susceptible to financial stress and uncertainty.


30 Jun 2006

This research set out to establish an evidence base around public and private sector rental evictions in Australia that will assist in the formulation of policies and strategies that reduce the cost burden of evictions on housing providers and managers.


16 Dec 2005

This is a set of six reports, being released progessively, on housing assistance provided in 2004–05 under the 2003 Commonwealth–State Housing Agreement. These publications are part of the Housing Assistance Data Development Series.


15 Sep 2005

Andrew Beer and Paul Foley interviewed 434 refugees (permanent protection visa and temporary protection visa holders) about how they navigated the housing market and the impediments they encountered; the use of government and non-government services; and the risk and experience of homelessness.


21 Jan 2005

This document reports on the data collected under the 2003-04 Commonwealth-State Housing Agreement (CSHA) public rental housing data collection. Two companion reports, Commonwealth-State Housing Agreement National Data Reports 2003-04: State Owned and Managed Indigenous Housing and Commonwealth-State Housing Agreement National Data Reports 2003-04: CSHA Community...


14 May 2004

Commonwealth rent assistance (CRA) is a non-taxable income supplement paid through Centrelink to individuals and families who rent in the private rental market.

This bulletin addresses the characteristics of recipients; the accommodation used by recipients; the Centrelink client groups receiving CRA; comparison of recipients...


27 Jun 2002

The Housing and Other Service Needs of Recently Arrived Immigrants is the final report of the Longitudinal Survey of Immigrants to Australia. The research found that recent immigrants made considerable use of government and other services, varying considerably by tenure, with home owners and...

Journal article

15 Jan 2000

This paper summaries the speciŽfic characteristics of rental ownership in Australia, drawing on a recent national survey of landlords carried out by the Australian Bureau of Statistics and identiŽfies the key factors responsible for the persistence of this pattern of ownership.



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