Children's Geographies

Children's Geographies is an international peer-reviewed journal that publishes leading edge research and scholarship relating to children, young people and families. The Journal publishes internationally excellent new work relating to any aspect of the geographies of children, young people and families. Although focused upon geographical issues and spatial concepts, the journal welcomes multi- and inter-disciplinary submissions from researchers in areas such as Sociology, Anthropology, Cultural Studies, Economic Development, Education, Psychology, Legal Studies, Social Policy, Political Science, Urban Design and Architecture. The Journal also provides a forum for policy-makers and practitioners with an interest in these fields. The Journal’s Editorial Board supports the involvement of early career and international researchers.

Journal article

31 May 2017

This paper reports on recent research on young people’s experiences of growing up in tourist destinations. Their experiences are nuanced and diverse, disrupting socially constructed distinctions between the rural and the urban.