19 Jun 2017

This essay examines the Australian Broadcasting Corporation's history, purpose, and potential future direction.


19 Jun 2017

This essay argues that if good people can’t sustain themselves in public life because it is just too punishing and zero sum, then Australia has a serious problem.


15 Mar 2017

Technological progress has transformed solar PV from an alternative technology in the 1970s, to cheap, mainstream energy today. Australia has been a leading solar PV nation, with more household solar systems than any other country.

Solar has become highly popular in suburban and country...


14 Dec 2009

And how did we end up with an expensive and publicly funded arts festival in every state capital of Australia? I spent a couple of months interviewing many of the best-known artistic directors in the Australian festivals scene, trying to find out. What I...


5 Oct 2009

A few years ago, the curator Russell Storer remarked to me: ‘People often ask me what’s going on now in art, and all I can honestly say is—everything!’ Unhelpful as it may be for anyone attempting a survey of the field, even the most glancing...


25 Sep 2009

This essay explores the role of triple j youth radio and asks if triple j is too commercial, or not commercial enough? Does it rotate too many songs, or does it play too much weird stuff that has resulted in the flight of its core...

Audio interview

25 Sep 2009

Radio station triple j occupies a curious space in the Australian music scene as Ben Eltham writes in the latest issue of Meanjin. In it, he observes that it is ‘impossible to discuss triple j without debating the influence of music director Richard...


23 Sep 2009

Sometime last year my ex-husband discovered Twitter and his ‘tweets’—mini-blog messages limited to 140 characters—started showing up on his Facebook page dutifully proffering answers to the quintessential Twitter question: what are you doing? Frankly, I couldn’t see the point.

But then all of a...


10 Aug 2009

The Miles Franklin Literary Award, Australia's oldest and one of its richest, only recognises works that 'portray Australian life'. But two literary prizes inaugurated in 2008 have begun to reshape our nationalliterary culture. Both the Prime Minister’s Literary Awards and the Western Australian Premier’s Australia–Asia...


30 Jul 2009

This articles argues that the privileging of access to data above its application means that the debate over whether libraries are in the book business or the information business is diverting us from the thought that they should be in the knowledge business, ‘business’ having...


6 Jul 2009

Our funding bodies are designed for the mass scale and based on the idea that culture comes from a relatively small number of large places, yet as Marcus Westbury argues, the dominant trend of our era is that culture is diversifying and moving away from...


25 Jun 2009

Perhaps I am optimistic by nature, but when Google first announced that it was planning to digitise the world’s books and create the greatest library ever, I was enthusiastic.

I thought it was an example of digital technology doing for our generation—and those that...


30 Jul 2008

It sometimes appears that not only every major capital city, but every café at the end of every street of every godforsaken one-horse town has a film festival -- or soon will have.

According to trade publication Variety there are 5000 of them around...