Child Abuse & Neglect

Journal article

6 Oct 2017

This article proposes further research framed by the need to better understand how different parts of the response impact on outcomes for children and families affected by abuse.

Journal article

31 Aug 2017

Drawing on research commissioned by the Australian Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse, this article presents a rapid review of available evidence on the impacts of institutional abuse on survivors.

Journal article

15 Apr 2017

Although prevalence studies show girls are more frequently sexually abused than boys, a significant proportion of boys also experience child sexual abuse (CSA). The challenges for public policy are amplified for boys due to less developed public and professional sensitisation to boys’ experiences, conceptions of...

Journal article

15 Sep 2013


Obtaining reliable estimates of the extent of child maltreatment in the community is a problem for researchers. Young people are highly desirable participants, albeit difficult to contact, for maltreatment research. Common methods for recruiting representative community samples of young people include classroom...