Body image


15 Nov 2013

Aims: The primary aim of this study was to describe pregnant women's perception of increased risk due to excess weight in pregnancy. The secondary aims were: To describe pregnant women's knowledge of weight gain recommendations. To assess the weight of pregnant women and to examine...


6 May 2013

Obesity discourses are shaping us. Amidst an avowed obesity 'epidemic', we are all considered at-risk, hailed to understand ourselves as such, and persuaded that we have the capability to author our bodies in a desired/required slender form. Attention has shifted from 'fat' adult bodies that...


14 Nov 2011

This thesis explores the netball experiences of a selection of people residing in Aotearoa/Niu Sila who have participated or continued to participate in netball. Adopting an inter-disciplinary approach, it sheds a light on the broader socio-cultural and political factors that have influenced and shaped Pacific...


15 Oct 2010

The negative social, educational and health consequences of obesity for children have been well documented, with downstream impacts on chronic disease for adults. A diet high in energy-dense nutrient-poor foods, and low in nutritious foods, is an important contributor to obesity. Such diets tend to...

Conference paper

22 May 2006

This article analyses the representation of Pacific women from an Orientalist theoretical framework. The analysis traces prominent representations of Pacific women within early colonial and Christian discourses, and dominant representations since colonisation. Included in this analysis is a discussion of the fantasy of Western men,...



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